Top American Horse Racing Events to Look Out for Every Year

Top American Horse Racing Events to Look Out for Every Year
Top American Horse Racing Events to Look Out for Every Year

The U.S horse racing scene is full of very exciting events each year. Moreover, each year is different, and the fans never have a dull moment as long as there are horses who participate in these events.

Although some horses have short careers, following them to every event they participate in is fun, especially if you recognize every racing field.

If you’re a bettor or a casual fan, it will help to get to know the significant events in American horse racing so that you become more familiar with what races to look out for each year.

You’ll be surprised that some may already be familiar to you or occur near you.

To help you, here’s a short list of the American Thoroughbred racing events that take place annually.

Triple Crown Races

One of the most exciting events in American thoroughbred racing is that the participating horses can possibly win a Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing.

The three legs of the Triple Crown races are prestigious horse events in the US that start with the Kentucky Derby, followed by the Preakness Stakes, and then the Belmont Stakes that concludes the event. The horse who can win in these three races is awarded and is designated as a Triple Crown winner.

What’s more fascinating about the Triple Crown is that since its commission in 1950, there are still only 13 horses who are crowned as such. The first winner of the Triple Crown race was Sir Barton in 1919 and the most recent was in 2018 with Justify.

Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby usually starts in the first weeks of May every year. Potential Triple Crown horses are usually checked out in this event since this is also the first leg. You can initially check out the participating horses’ odds on platforms such as Fanduel racing to assess their chances of winning the race.

Furthermore, the Kentucky Derby is an American Grade 1 stakes race in Churchill Downs, Kentucky, US. It was inaugurated in 1875 with a one ¼ miles long dirt field and had the best record of 1:59.4 by the horse Secretariat in 1973.

The 2023 purse for the 2023 Kentucky Derby was three million dollars, the highest purse in the three legs of the Triple Crown. Thus, the Kentucky Derby is considered the fastest and most prestigious two minutes in sports.

Preakness Stakes

After the Kentucky Derby, the horses usually participate in the Preakness Stakes, which usually occur a week after the Kentucky Derby or every third Saturday in May. Unlike the Derby, the Preakness Stakes is only 1 3/16 miles or around nine and a half furlongs on dirt.

The race took place at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland, with a traditional number of horse participants, 14. However, this year, only seven horses participated in the event with one million and five hundred thousand dollars, a significant increase from 2021’s million-dollar purse.

Belmont Stakes

The Belmont Stakes is the last and final leg of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. It takes action to Belmont Park in New York, with almost one and a half miles, 12 furlongs, or 1 ½ miles long. Aside from that, the Belmont Stakes is also known as the Test of the Champion.

Due to its distance, some horses find it hard to complete the field, which makes it more challenging and exciting to watch. Some horses who come out strong have a hard time completing the field. Though this depends on the horse and jockey’s technique, it only shows the unpredictability of the result of the race.

Breeders’ Cup Classic

Aside from the Triple Crown, the Breeders’ Cup World Championships is among the most awaited annual horse racing events. It’s a two-day event that presents a series of games operated by Breeders’ Cup Limited. One of the most anticipated races, also considered one of the highlights of the events, is the Breeders’ Cup Classic.

This particular event is for 3-year-olds and older, and the field stretches around 2,000 meters or one ¼ miles on dirt. The Classic took place during the second day of the event with a six million dollars purse in 2023. Additionally, the location of the Breeders’ Cup changes every year.

Travers Stakes

Last on this list is another Grade I Thoroughbred horse race, the Travers Stakes. This American horse racing event occurs at Saratoga Race Course in New York. It usually takes place around August, which earned the event the nickname “Midsummer Derby.”

Moreover, the Travers Stakes is considered the third-ranked race for American thoroughbreds, just behind the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes. Moreover, the winner of the Travers Stakes will receive 1,250,000 dollars.

Final Thoughts

The abovementioned events are only a few of several more horse races that take place in the USA annually. The purse may not be significantly high like the rest of the list, but they’re equally fun. Moreover, these events offer different levels of thrilling races due to the difference in the horses who participate in them.

As such, there’s no dull moment in the horse racing world. So, if you’re still deliberating whether to participate in the upcoming horse race, don’t hesitate now and reserve your tickets.

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