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Advertise With promotional rates

Website and Magazine

Feature/Editorial content
Includes editorial/feature written by writers
Photographs, branding, web links
One off fee £195

Magazine advertising

Right hand strip
Full strip – £25 per week
1/5 strip – £7.50 per week
Inside front cover – £50 per week
Outside back cover – £80 per week
Full Page – £30 per week

Website advertising

Co branded Header – £200 per week
Right hand strip – £10 per week
Static box feature – £95 one off fee pcm

Article page:
Right hand strip £10 per week
Bottom banner on each post

Content pictures:
Bottom of image strapline – £50 pcm
Logo in top right £50 pcm

Category sponsor:
Banner links £10 per week

Job Listings
Free of Charge

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