Make Sure You’re Flu-Free This Winter By Getting Vaccinated

Make Sure You're Flu-Free This Winter By Getting Vaccinated
Make Sure You’re Flu-Free This Winter By Getting Vaccinated

Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire health officials are urging people to take action now to prevent flu this winter.

Those who are eligible, such as those over 50, pregnant women, and those with serious health conditions, should take advantage of the offer of a free NHS flu vaccine as soon as possible.

Over the last fortnight, flu cases have increased significantly in our region, and this is likely to continue during the holiday season. As a result, local hospitals are seeing a high number of flu patients, of all ages.

The flu is a very unpleasant illness that can knock even the most healthy of us off our feet. It can cause serious and life-threatening complications in more vulnerable individuals.

“Flu isn’t just a bad cold,” explained Dr James Crick, Associate Medical Director at Hull Health and Care Partnership.

“While most people get better on their own with rest, keeping warm and drinking plenty of fluids, they’re still likely to experience a few days of unpleasant symptoms such as a high temperature, head and body aches, difficulty sleeping and exhaustion.”

“This is not something people would want to experience, especially over the festive period. GPs do not recommend antibiotics for flu because they will not relieve your symptoms or speed up your recovery.”

In order to prevent dehydration while suffering from the flu, it is recommended that you rest, stay warm and take ibuprofen or paracetamol to lower your temperature. It is also advised that indoor rooms be kept well-ventilated, without being too cold.

Flu remedies can be recommended by a pharmacist. Before visiting a pharmacy, call or contact them online. It is possible to have medicines delivered or to have someone pick them up for you.

Dr Crick continued:

“There is also the chance of passing flu on to someone who isn’t in good health and this could cause them problems. Many people need to go to the hospital due to the flu and sadly some will die. Flu can also cause difficulties for hospital services, closing wards and causing operations and treatments to be cancelled.”

Flu vaccines are safe and effective. They’re offered every year on the NHS to help protect people at risk of flu and its complications. If their employer does not provide the vaccine to their staff, frontline NHS staff and care staff are free to receive it.

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