Parkrun Runners Praise Those Involved Bringing Event To Beverley

Parkrun Runners Praise Those Involved Bring Event To Beverley
Parkrun Runners Praise Those Involved Bringing Event To Beverley

Parkrun runners who took part in the Beverley’s inaugural Beverley Westwood Parkrun have praised those behind the event.

Around 400 runners took part in the event which has has been widely praised by those who ran the course.

Local Graeme McKay said it was tough but also a good way to start his day, speaking to he said;

“It was very tough but a good way start to your Saturday morning. I have done 15 parkruns to date. This is by far the hardest as you are going up and down hills on rough grass. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The organisers are amazing they have done a fantastic job, let’s hope it lasts.”  

Gary Pilgrim from Walkington shared his thoughts after finishing the course, he said;

“The course was very difficult, the hill was a bit taxing but overall very interesting. The second lap was the toughest going up the hill, I nearly stopped but kept going. Normally I do the East Park one in Hull which is really flat.”

“I also felt the organisation was excellent and very well managed. The marshalls and everybody involved did a really good job.”

Parkrun Runners Say Beverley Provides A Real Challenge

Stephen Richmond, from Beverley, is also a regular parkrun runner. He has taken part in 196 events. He also felt the course was a good challenge, he said;

“This is the toughest course of the ones I have done. What I would like to do is complete this a few times, then do the flat one at East Park and improve my time.”

Paul Furness was just back from Malaga after following his beloved Hull City. From Beverley, this was his 15th Parkrun event. Speaking to he said;

“It was an interesting very scenic course. Off all the ones I have done, I would rate this as number one, it is, of course, my home town. It is quite tough with the hills.”

“This is also a great event for Beverley and the organisation was superb. To put on an event like this takes a lot of planning and made for a great community event.”

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