Traffic Signal Outage To Be Tackled Head On By Local Councillor

Questions To Be Asked Over North Bar Traffic Signal Outage
Questions To Be Asked Over North Bar Traffic Signal Outage

Cllr Denis Healy says he will be asking questions over the spike in Traffic Signal outage happening in Beverley.

He also says that he will be raising concerns with Humberside Police. They were seen driving through the junction not even stopping to help handle the flow of traffic.

Cllr Healy also saw first hand the risk cyclists and pedestrians were put at as a result of the traffic signals failing.

This is the third time in just six days that the new state of the art systems has failed. On Friday during peak time travel motorists were forced to run the gauntlet. 

East Riding of Yorkshire Council replaced the lights in March. At the time they said the new system, which is from Seimens, would make traffic management easier. The cost to the taxpayer for the project was £68,000.

However, Cllr Healy says the recent number of failures has prompted concerns from people who live in his ward.

As a result, he has committed to finding out why they are failing. He is also going to speak with police to see why they are driving through the junction and not taking action.

Cllr Healy To Take Direct Action With Regard To Traffic Lights Issue

Speaking to he said;

“This is the third time in a week that these expensive new traffic lights at North Bar have broken down, causing chaos. This is endangering the safety of motorists and pedestrians.”

“I really can’t understand how it is, that a project which was meant to be an upgrade is failing with increasing regularity.”

“I’m also concerned that two further major Beverley junctions are about to have their traffic lights replaced with the same system that keeps breaking down. I will be taking this up urgently with the Council’s Head of Streetscene Services. We all want to know what’s going on. I want to know why an expensive new traffic light system is letting us down like this.”

“I need assurances that Beverley isn’t going to be brought to a standstill, and people put at risk by an unreliable system at key junctions.”

Traffic Signal Outage Is Putting People At Risk

“Today I have witnessed some very dangerous vehicle movements at the North Bar location, especially with vehicles passing through the bar from North Bar Within. They are unable to see what traffic is coming towards them from two directions. Also, pedestrians attempting to cross at York Road and Wylies Road are particularly vulnerable.”

“Residents are also asking me why the police don’t appear to be getting involved to police the situation. I have witnessed police cars driving across the junction where the lights are out. They simply ignored the situation.”

“I will be writing to the Police & Crime Commissioner to ask him whether his officers have a role in intervening in situations like this. What I want to know is if they should be taking control of the traffic until the outage is resolved.”

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