Electric Car Popularity Grows Both Nationally and Locally

Electric Car Popularity Grows Both Nationally and Locally
Electric Car Popularity Grows Both Nationally and Locally

Electric Car sales in the UK have increased as more motorists look to reap some of the benefits. For that reason, local businesses in are adapting to cope with this emerging form of motoring.  

Beverley’s retail Park, , introduced electric car charging points back in April 2016. Their decision to do this paved the way for the first electric car charging points to be installed in Beverley.   

Flemingate Centre Manager Graham Tait said at the time Drivers are more environmentally conscious. Furthermore, he acknowledged that electric cars were becoming increasingly popular.

Electric CarIn all, there are an estimated 200,000 electric cars on UK roads. Be it a Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid or fully electric BMW i3 we are seeing more electric cars, not just nationally but also locally. 

BMW & Mini Specialists, Beverley Motor Works have also adapted. A business that prides its self on keeping up with innovation has specialists to work on electric cars.

Owner Richard Hayes said;

“A majority of the electric cars we see at Beverley Motor Works are hybrid. We have noticed a slight increase in numbers.”

“Hybrid or full electric is potentially the future given the way the industry is moving from a carbon footprint point of view. As a business, we like to make sure we keep up to date in these ever-changing times.”

“While we have not seen a significant increase, a lot of our customers are unsure what the future holds. They seek advice from us about hybrid options when swapping their cars as to what to purchase.”

Beverley needs more electric car infrastructure 

Graham says the uptake on the charging service is proving popular. Speaking to .net he said:

“Our charger has been very popular. You see quite a few electric cars around Beverley. I suspect the uptake of electric cars would be even greater if Beverley had the infrastructure.”

“The chargers in Flemingate are free to use. You obviously pay for the parking which is just £1 for 3 hours.   In the evening if you were coming into Beverley for a out its even cheaper. £2 for 6½ hours.”

“So with a typical electric car can be fully charged from empty while you have a great evening out at the same time for £2.”

Offering overwhelming environmental benefits, electric cars are also seeing motorists make financial savings.  Figures show that on average running costs are 74pc cheaper for an electric car when compared to a similar diesel model.

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