Google Maps Now Showing EV Charging Stations

Google Maps Now Showing EV Charging Stations

Finding a place to charge up your electric car battery has been made easy by Google maps.

Google introduced the simple means for EV charger users to easily access the services only with a touch of a button.

Google will add Tesla and Charger points to the leading global network of EV chargers on both Android and IOS. The version of desktop and other electronic devices will also be supported later on. Moreover, the software will also support numerous charging station in different specific countries.  Countries in Europe that will be graced with such an amusing service are , UK United States and . These countries are also known as being on the top ten online casinos in the world.

How Will User Access the EV Charging Station 

Drivers with electric cars will no longer have any hassles to search for EV charging stations. All they need is an EVgo Charging Station App in their mobile smartphones. Users only need to search for “EV Charging” or “Charging Station”. Once you do that you will be notified with maps where you can access EV stations. The information will provide the types of ports available and the location. The information encompasses the pricing and the users rating for that particular station.

What You Need to Know About EV Charging Station

As much as the EV Chargers are sophisticated and unique. The service they offer is practically not reliable and efficient as the normally used gas stations. The charging ports can offline for particular and unknown reasons. Furthermore, it takes a lot of time to charge a half-empty car battery let alone full battery. It takes a lot of time charging to an extent that you can wait for the battery to charge whilst you play online casino games for real money.

In regards to this, Google Maps does not have a system to notify the user if the Charging station that is nearby is available or not. This clearly means that drivers will not have any idea if the station they are after is available or not.

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