Beverley To Be Considered To Get More Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Beverley To Be Considered To Get More Electric Vehicle Charging Points

may soon be getting more electric vehicle charging points. says that will be considered to get additional points.

ERYC confirmed was to be considered for additional chargers following the installation of two electric vehicle chargers in .

Speaking about the plans to make motoring greener in East Yorkshire, a spokesperson for the council said;

“Over the next few years, we hope to create a basic network of charging points to provide confidence for users of electric vehicles. We want to encourage take-up of non-polluting vehicles.”

“We would also like to encourage businesses and developers to install Electric Vehicle chargers. This is because of the popularity of these vehicles continues to grow.”

already has public charging points at Flemingate. As a result, is being considered for the third year of the programme 2020-2021.”

Electric Vehicle Uptake On The Increase

Similarly, as the council embrace greener energy so are local businesses.  More people are turning to electric cars most noteworthy for the environmental benefits.

Motor Works is one of the companies embracing electric vehicle ownership. Owner Richard Hayes, Speaking to the said;

“A majority of the electric cars we see at Beverley Motor Works are hybrid. We have noticed a slight increase in numbers.”

“While we have not seen a significant increase, a lot of our customers are unsure what the future holds. They seek advice from us about hybrid options when swapping their cars as to what to purchase.”

Motorists in Beverley currently can charge their cars for free at the retail park. The centre manager says they have proved popular since going live.

Electric Vehicle charging points form part of the authority’s efforts to tackle pollution.  Above all ERYC say they are keen to promote cleaner transport and reduce carbon emissions.

Funded by the local transport plan and Department for Transport grant, the cost of the project in was £7,000.

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  1. Sorry, but I can’t glean anything from this article. Am I correct in thinking that East Riding Council have some sort of strategic plan for electric vehicle charging infrastructure….perhaps this is the real story? It’s also a bit self-fulfilling that Beverley Motor Works haven’t seen many ‘pure EV’ vehicles – they’re a petrol and diesel specialist and won’t really be able to work on the Renault Zoes, Nissan Leafs and Teslas….(actually, this is probably another story….are we ready in Beverley for EVs??).

    There’s a couple of things also that people should be aware of. The chargers in Flemingate are the same type of charger you’d find at home….they take up to 12 hours to charge an EV and don’t really constitute useful charging.

    What Beverley needs (and here’s another story!) is some good quality planning direction so that the likes of Lidl, Aldi etc contribute with RAPID charging for EVs. These are the ones that cost over £100K to install (rather than the £300 per unit at Flemingate) and can change your EV in less than an hour (more like 20 minutes with some newer ‘100 kW ones!).

    Here’s a final story…. In Holland, France and Germany, where they’ve got their heads around what’s needed for EV charging, folks are used to RAPID chargers being available and working 100% of the time in every town right now. So when tourists from the continent arrive in the UK, they head straight for YORK or LEEDS where there’s sufficient RAPID chargers. Even ONE or TWO RAPID chargers in Beverley right now would payback to Beverley businesses very quickly. ….(go write the story!!!) 😉

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