Revell USS Arizona 1/426 Build Review and Photos

Revell USS Arizona 1/426 Build Review and Photos
Revell USS Arizona 1/426 Build Review and Photos

Revell USS Arizona 1/426 is a kit I have had sitting about for a while.  So after finally getting it done here are some thoughts and photos of the build.

As kits go I think the Revell USS Arizona 1/426 is very old. On the moulding, there was the date 1959. As a result of its age it was not and crisp as more modern kits.

Before you can start building you have to crack open the sandpaper and get rid of some flash. However, given the low number of parts in the kit, this is really no big deal.

My personal goal for making this model was to try out making a seascape to sit the model in. Given I paid a less than £10 for the Revell USS Arizona kit, I figured this would be a time to do that.

Putting the model together was very easy. There are not many stages and it also pretty much fits like lego.  Given the nature of the project, I used up some materials on the build.

Building Method Used To Make The USS Arizona

On building the model I started by spraying the deck with Tamiya wood deck. Once dried I painted in the raised parts using Humbrol 64 which has been laying about from a starter set.

Then some Tamiya pin wash was used to pull out the detail in the deck. There is plenty of detail given the cost and age of this model, but maybe not enough for the purists.

Before fitting the deck the superstructure was built on to each of the deck sections. While this dried MIG Grime was used to create some streaks and weathered look to the model.

After putting all the parts together attention was then switched to the two planes. I have no idea what the colour call-outs are for these so opted for a design I liked which I found on google.

The was then fitted to the seascape and the gaps filled with white glue and a bit of painting here and there. The final touch was to add a bit of rigging, on a simple basic amount but enough. Then the flag was added to the model.

Revell USS Arizona 1/426 Conclusion

The Revell USS Arizona 1/426 is a fine model for people who do these things for fun. Make no mistake it is not up there with the more modern and expensive brands like Trumpeter.

However, if you are looking for a decent size model of the USS Arizona that does not break the bank then this is the kit for you.

Since completing the model I have been advised this is Revell’s best selling ship model. Also, I was advised this is due to this being the kit they sell at the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Habour.

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