Privatisation Through the back Door – Cllr Unhappy With Post Office Plan

Privatisation Through the back Door - Cllr Unhappy With Post Office Plan
Privatisation Through the back Door – Cllr Unhappy With Plan

Privatisation through the back door is how one councillor describes plans that put the in at risk.

Comments about the Post Office closure came from Cllr , who represents residents in St Mary’s.

While he raises concerns over privatisation, above all he feels the community will suffer.

Cllr Healy outlined concerns he and the residents he represents have. Speaking about the plans to close to relocate post offices to WH Smith he said;

“I have just concluded a meeting with the branch manager, of the Register Square . He informed me that officials visited.”

“Those officials informed staff of these plans and that a consultation exercise is now underway.  The staff are understandably shocked and upset.”

“There is considerable public upset and concern that the East Riding of Yorkshire’s county town may be without a crown . As a result of this, I have been contacted by scores of concerned in just a few hours.”

’s is an essential part of the town’s infrastructure. Therefore it is widely used by citizens. It provides an essential service, particularly for our elderly residents and families.

Post Office Closures – privatisation through the back door

Cllr Healy has, even more, pressing concerns saying;

“Franchising a public service to a retailer which itself is struggling to survive looks like privatisation through the back door.”

Beverley Crown Post Office is at the heart of our community providing an essential public service. As elected representatives, we should be doing all that we can to preserve it.” 

“The Post Office is a publicly owned service. Therefore I am calling on to exert pressure on ministers to prevent our town from losing this essential asset.”

“I have written to our MP asking him to look into this. I want him to do whatever he can to get the Post Office to reconsider this decision.”

“To hive this off to WH Smith to help them turn round an ailing business is a complete nonsense. Consequently, it is unacceptable to our residents.”

Certainly, this is a debate that will go on for some time as the future of the post office is evaluated. Due to a range of factors, it may be difficult to influence this at a local level.

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  1. The case made by the Post Office has no reasoned or scientific basis, that is evident. It needs to be considered that this is the same Post Office which sets ideals of expectation in support of e.g. Grovehill road, Beverley sub-post office remaining open. This was for a busy, revenue raising premises; with business minded proprietors. Yet it acted to shut down this successful outlet, in contempt of reason, and rationality.
    Post Office are clearly following an ulterior motive, and hidden agenda; which is impossible to visualise, as the sound, community oriented public service raison d’etre.
    It acts in a manner seen in the example of the infamous ‘Church of Scientology. As covered by BBC 1 ‘Panorama’; and ‘Channel 4 TV ‘Dispatches’ documentary investigative programmes.
    Acting upon a factual reality which has no existence outside of the imaginations of the representatives of the Post Office.
    It appears to be cutting of it’s nose to spite it’s own face. And to following the course of action seen in the example of the ‘Settle to Carlisle’ railway; using the ‘Ribblehead’ viaduct. The ultimate aim to reach a position of not having to bother anymore. But what then, of the future in terms of the continued existence; and presence of Post Office premises in even big towns, and cities. And the accruing of revenue income. Or is the world going to end in the void imminently, which only the Post Office knows about???

    For example, in Post Office ignoring the need for a central (town centre) post office outlet; having shut down all of the outlying sub-post office outlets. Which (Register Square) outlet is oversubscribed in regard to it’s size; and counter positions; and staffing level. Which a move to a shop premises will not address, or solve. So why bother???

    WH Smith in Beverley does not have the spare floor space to accommodate anything like the size of the Register Square post office. Everyone can see and understand this, including the post office.
    So how can this be taken seriously; or be credible in respect of any continuing commitment to A/ Beverley, a growing busy town. And B/ commitment on the part of the Post Office. Including revenue income – which cannot be in doubt, to the extent it justifies, or entitles the Post Office to shut Beverley Post office. Tell the Post Office to wise up…

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