Post Office Bosses Confirm Beverley Will Close And Relocate

Post Office Bosses Confirm Beverley Will Close And Relocate
Bosses Confirm Beverley Will Close And Relocate

Bosses have confirmed that the Crown will be closed and relocated to the nearby WH Smith Store.

In a statement released they state clearly that regardless of the public consultation, a commercial decision has already been made.

They say that the consultation will give them an opportunity to outline why changes are being made.

They said;

“The consultation process, which will last for six weeks. It hasn’t started yet. It will begin early in the New Year.”

“As part of the consultation, we’ll be holding a customer forum. This will be at a local venue, and there will be representatives from both the and WHSmith in attendance.”

“We can pass on the details of this forum a bit nearer the time. We really would encourage people to attend.”

“The consultation process gives us the opportunity to explain why changes need to be made.”

“It will highlight the stringent standards we have in place to ensure good access for all customers in our new branches and to listen to the community’s comments too.”

They say they also want to hear their views on issues like as accessibility, both inside and outside the branch. While also seeking opinion on wider community issues which should be considered.

They added;

“However, the element of our plans that we not seeking feedback is the principle of franchising a branch.”

“This is because the change of management at Beverley Office to one that is operated by a retail partner rather than directly is a commercial decision.”

“We believe it is the right one in order to sustain services in communities. Not just today, but for the long term too.”

Local Cllr Slams Post Office Bosses Over Decision To Close Post Office

Cllr responded to the news criticising Post Office Bosses about the decision,  he said;

“In other words, Post Office top brass don’t want to listen to the thousands of people in the town who are telling them that it is wrong to prop up an ailing High Street retailer like WHSmith with a publicly funded service.”

“They don’t want to listen to any of that, because they have already made their minds up.”

“As far as they are concerned, any member of the public who tells them franchising a public service is a mistake, can go to hell in a handcart.”

“Their so-called “consultation” is a complete stitch up. They have no intention of listening.”

“We need our MP to get Ministers to cut Post Office Ltd down to size. They need to tell them that Beverley Post Office isn’t going to be part of their privatisation via the back door game.”

Cllr Healy feels the Post Office should stay where it is, he added;

“It should stay where it is providing a much needed public service for Beverley’s citizens from its current location at Register Square.”

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  1. It is typical in this country that anything unique and has worked for years has to be got rid of. No doubt the so called bosses who decided this move will be getting very large bonuses.

  2. This is another public service that has been privatised and once taken over is asset striped to claw back the money for the benefit of shareholders. The benefits to the general public is secondary to profits, they know that they can get away with their decision as there is not an alternative service that the public can access.
    Parlement needs to stop this and have a proper consultation process, which takes in account of the public concerns

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