Taking Action To Reduce The Use Of Vapes By Young People In East Riding

Taking Action To Reduce The Use Of Vapes By Young People In East Riding
Taking Action To Reduce The Use Of Vapes By Young In East Riding

One-third of East Riding’s 12 to 18-year-olds have tried a vaporizer and one in ten regularly vape, according to a survey of vaping use conducted among young people.

Efforts are now being made by the to discourage young people from becoming vapers.

Councillor David Tucker, portfolio holder for adults, health and care said:

“The increase in vape use by young people is concerning. We have written to the Government with our findings highlighting the need for tighter rules on vape marketing and looking at restrictions on the attractiveness, flavour and costs, to make vapes less appealing to the younger generation.

“We also want young people to consider the potential harms of vaping and that vaping is not risk-free – there is still little evidence about what the potential long-term health risks may be. We don’t want young people thinking it is normal and safe. We are focused on prevention, and discouraging young people from starting vaping.

“We will also be working with our schools to provide more education and our Trading Standards team to ensure illegal vapes are seized. We are planning a range of actions aimed at reducing vape use amongst young people.”

In the East Riding, 1,448 young people completed a survey about vaping. Almost two-thirds of young people said they vape to look grown up (64.2 per cent), while 78.4 per cent like the different flavours and 73.2 per cent like the taste.

Smoking remains relatively low among young people with 6.9 per cent reporting that they smoke occasionally or regularly. The study found that 90% of young people who vape have never smoked. In order to quit smoking, vapes are intended as a short-term tool.

You shouldn’t start vaping if you don’t smoke. Vapes contain nicotine and chemicals, and young people can become addicted to them.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council commissioned partner, Xyla Health and Wellbeing, will begin going into schools to deliver education directly to students and teachers about vaping in the next academic year.

Trading Standards has seized more than 3000 illicit vapes in Goole, , Beverley, and so far. In addition to this work, the team is undertaking work aimed at preventing children from obtaining vapes.

Councillor David Tucker concluded: “This issue is so important that Full Council has agreed for the Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee to take forward for an in-depth and deeper dive review, to explore issues surrounding vaping further.”

Retailers are prohibited from selling vapes or e-liquids to under-18s, and adults are prohibited from buying tobacco products for those under 18.

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