East Yorkshire Residents Invited To Beverley Recycling Centre Exhibition

East Yorkshire Residents Invited To Beverley Recycling Centre Exhibition
East Yorkshire Residents Invited To Recycling Centre Exhibition

East Yorkshire residents living in Beverley are being invited to a third open exhibition to view plans for a proposed new household recycling centre for Beverley.

From 5pm to 7.30pm, the event will take place in the Education Room at the in Champney Road, Beverley.

Weel’s household waste recycling site is prone to flooding since it is located right beside the . In addition, it is becoming too small to handle the volume of waste that is generated.

Consequently, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council plans to build a new household recycling facility. It is being proposed to be located on the land off Grange Way A164/A1035 road west of Ings Road.

In a statement a spokesperson for the East Riding of Yorkshire said:

“The current household waste recycling site has outlived its location. It also has to be closed to users every time it floods, which is not good for residents or staff.

“The proposed site is much bigger, more spacious, offers better access and can cope with the number of visitors.

“We hope residents will attend these exhibitions as this is a chance to have their say.”

Designed with better access and capacity to cope with the area’s expanding population, the proposed household recycling centre is much larger and more spacious.

Attending the open exhibitions will give residents a chance to view the proposed new scheme, share their opinions, and speak with engineers and recycling officers.

On Monday 31 October, there will be another open exhibition at Beverley Enterprise Centre, on Beck View Road, off , from 1.30pm to 4.30pm.

This follows the success of the centre’s first exhibition, which was held on Monday 17 October.

In the East Riding, there are ten household waste recycling facilities. FCC Environment manages all of these.

The sites reuse, recycle, or compost nearly 81% of all items taken by the public. The total amount of waste diverted from landfills is 99.8%.

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  1. I really don’t know where to start? – it was with disbelief that I heard of the proposed re-located Household Refuse Recycled Tip from Weel. There are innumerable reasons why the proposed site is not appropriate. How come the proposed site is so close to family homes – unlike the ones within industrial estates in Hull. Surely there must be in this area of arable land, and commercial plant, space for a recycling project that’s not on the doorstep of domestic properties.
    Grange Way is already heavy with traffic – We have many lorries which can no longer go through the town and are re-directed down wider external roads as in Grange Way. We also have many ‘L’ drivers from the Army site in nearby Leconfield in large vehicles, as well as standard ones. Another type of vehicle is the large lorry carrying an exceptionally wide load of a mobile home, complete with flashing lights to warn other motorists. These mobile homes are being taken to the coast which has Grange Way as an access route. As a Lockwood Road resident, I am invariably on a daily basis having to wait a long time before finding enough road space to get out. All of the situations mentioned will be exacerbated by further traffic being introduced – it is already a nightmare.
    Another concern I have is for the small children in our two local nurseries – surely the air pollution ofpotentially harmful dust, chemicals, and the smell as well, will affect their health – they should be given priority in such a serious matter as this.
    As a final point, we live near the coast and occasionally have noise and unpleasant droppings from local seagulls – I understand they are very much attracted to Household Recycling Refuse Tips – another reason why I object to the proposed project.

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