The Different Types Of Casino Bonuses

The Different Types Of Casino Bonuses
The Different Types Of Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses are an essential part of playing at online casinos, and a good casino can increase your chances of beating the casino and leaving with a profit.

Deposit bonuses, free spins and no deposit bonuses are the three most common bonus types, and you can read all about them below.

Deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses are the most common type of casino bonuses. As the name suggests, these bonuses are available when you make a deposit. Most casinos have a welcome bonus that is available only to new players. A typical welcome bonus is 100% extra on top of your first deposit, giving you twice the balance to play with. For example, if you deposit $100, you’ll get another $100 on top for a total balance of $200.

If you are an active player at a casino, you may from time to time receive other bonus offers. Casinos offer these bonuses as a way to incentivise players to make a deposit. While most deposit bonuses are worth looking at – especially if you were planning to play anyway – it is important to always look at the details before putting down the money. Wagering requirements can sometimes be way too high, making it harder to convert the bonus money into real, withdrawable cash.

Free spins bonuses

Free spins are usually a part of a promotion or a giveaway. In essence, free spins allow you to spin a specific slot machine a certain number of times without having to pay the price yourself. Once you have used up all of your spins, the combined winnings are added to your player balance. The winnings usually come with wagering requirements, but this varies from casino to casino.

Free spins are highly popular among players, as some casinos hand them out for free or as part of a promotion. TeleVega bonuses are ones of the most well-known because they offer up to 100 free spins to every player who makes a deposit throughout the week.

Most free spins are worth only cents, but it is always worth it to play them when you have them. After all, even a small win can turn into a nice withdrawal if luck is on your side.

No deposit bonuses

The third common casino bonus is no deposit bonuses. These are free bonuses that don’t require a deposit from the player, and they can be anything from a handful of free spins to a free casino chip that allows the players to check out some of the games for free.

Some online casinos offer no deposit bonuses to new players in order to get them to sign up, or free VIP bonuses as part of their loyalty scheme. It is worth noting that most no deposit bonuses have high wagering requirements as well as a maximum withdrawal limit, so it’s worth checking out the details – even if it’s free.

Remember to always look at the wagering requirement and bonus terms and conditions before accepting a bonus offer. If the wagering is too high or the terms are bad, it may be wise to avoid the bonus. However, the majority of casino bonuses give you more bang for your buck and can increase your chances of winning.

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