OUT & ABOUT : Lazo VIP Opening Night

OUT & ABOUT : Lazo VIP Opening Night

Lazo in Beverley held their VIP Launch Night.

The Saturday Market Tapas and Cocktail bar hosted an invite only evening to give locals a chance to get a look inside the eagerly awaited venue.

Guests were treated drinks and also got to sample some of the food that will be served on the menu.

A stunning interior, the second floor which will be reserved for bookings only provides a unique view across Saturday Market.

Dean Booty the man behind the new venture said;

“I am very pleased with how the evening went. We are now looking forward to opening our doors officially on Friday.”

Lazo will be open from 8am until midnight seven days a week. By day, it will be a coffee shop and Tapas Bar while by night it will be a Cocktail Bar.

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  1. I did the Polished Plaster for Lazo’s Bar. Dean and Rob were lovely to work for and I really hope this does well. It has turned out beautifully and is a lovely space to sit and enjoy a drink and a bite to eat!

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