Creating More Space Without Having To Move Home

Creating More Space Without Having To Move Home
Creating More Space Without Having To Move Home

Creating more space for many homeowners is something that is always on their mind. For many people, their first thought is to extend their home. However, there are other ways in which you can get that extra space.

Westwood Shepherd Huts a company in Beverley is paving the way when it comes to creating additional space.

Owner of the business Jason Stonehouse has seen demand for their bespoke shepherd huts grow. He says people are using their handcrafted timber buildings for a range of uses.

Speaking to he said;

“Since we started the business we have built custom shepherd huts that have been used for a host of purposes.  From a studio for an artist through to an additional guest room our product is been used in some creative ways.”

“There are lots of advantages to our shepherd huts. They are more cost-effective than an extension while there is no need to obtain planning permission. Also, if you do decide to move, unlike an extension you can take it with you to your new home.”

“Creating more space is certainly one of the reasons clients contact us. With more people working from home they want to be able to separate home life from their work life.”

Creating More Space Using Our Huts Should Be Considered

“We have also worked closely with people who have used the huts we make to launch businesses. They have space and have been using shepherd huts to created glamping businesses. The scope is endless, it comes down to each individuals imagination.”

“For example, it is possible to have hut that comes complete with bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. They are insulated and can incorporate heating so meaning they can be used all year round.”

“Not only are the structures we make useful they are incredibly secure and also aesthetically pleasing. The flexibility they offer does mean if you are looking at creating more space then should give them serious consideration.”

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