Kindred Spirits – A Unique Approach To Alcohol Sales

Kindred Spirits – A Unique Approach To Alcohol Sales
Kindred Spirits – A Unique Approach To Alcohol Sales

Kindred Spirits is the latest business to open in Beverley. Located in Beverley’s Historic Core on Toll Gavel, they have a very unique approach to selling alcohol.

Kindred Spirits which opened this week and sells crafted spirits which are sourced from around the UK. Furthermore, they do not just bottle them, the packing, if desired can also be personalised.

Oliver Barker from Kindred Spirits says they chose Beverley for their second store after hearing good things about the town. He also says that Beverley’s character, attractions and regular markets help convince it was the best place.

Speaking more about what customers can expect Oliver said;

“We offer something different from a typical shop. Customers will get a more interactive experience, as they sample their way around the room. Also, we try and help out by suggesting things that match their specific tastes.”

“We’ve found that everyone is different. Some things that we really like others don’t and vice versa. That’s one of the main reasons we have set the shop up this way. With the increase in different spirits available it is very hard to tell which ones are good and which ones you’ll like.”

Customers Encouraged To Try Before They Buy

“Additionally we have found that being able to draw off a small sample while having someone tell you the flavour notes and how it should be served really helps.”

“Also we get plenty of people buying gifts. So it helps to have someone who knows each product inside out to help them make an informed decision. This is really important when you’re not going to be drinking it yourself.”

“After you’ve found what  you like, we offer a selection of different bottle sizes so you can take home as much as you fancy.”

 “We also encourage customers to return the bottles once they’re finished. Customers will get a discount off their next purchase. It helps us do our bit for the environment.”

Kindred Spirits Offer Discount To Customers Who Return Bottles

The spirits stocked range from several different Gins from around the UK, to English Whiskies that we serve direct from cask to a host of Rums.

Oliver says that they have found that those who enjoy occasional tipple can generally find something that they enjoy.

Kindred Spirits are open seven days a week from 10AM. They also hope to hold events and tasting sessions in the not too distant future.

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