Microblading – Boosting Your Confidence With Semi-Permanent Makeup

Microblading - Boosting Your Confidence With Semi-Permanent Makeup
Microblading – Boosting Your Confidence With Semi-Permanent Makeup

Microblading is a treatment that can help boost confidence by dealing with a number of issues. Andrena Paris Hargreaves, who runs Beverley Brows Microblading has a unique approach to this treatment.

From her studio in Tickton, Andrena is helping ladies restore their appearance with her focus being on achieving the natural look.

Speaking to HU17.net she explained more about the she offers, she said;

“As a qualified piercer, I also have trained in Microblading. Microblading is semi-permanent makeup. It includes eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. Also, I offer perming. This lifts the lashes to make them more visible and tints to define more.”

“While I work with anyone over the age of 18, my clients tend to be more mature ladies as the look I go for is very natural. The way I work it helps ladies regain the definition which can be lost with age.”

“Definition can be lost with age or illness. You can lose your eyebrows and also your lip definition. I work with my clients to deal with this problem using semi-permanent makeup creating a natural look.”

“This sort of treatment can really help with self-confidence.  For ladies, they can lose hair due to menopause or things like stress.  The pigmentation also goes from our lip line as we get older. All of this can contribute to losing their identity which can be difficult to deal with.”

Treatments Can Help Restore Confidence

“Through the treatments, I offer I am able to work with them and give them back the things they have lost. This helps build their confidence while also making them look good.”

“One of the other things I can do is help ladies with fair hair or when eyebrows become spars. I am able to tint their hair which can last up to four weeks or microblade so they are fuller.”

“Before I do anything I have a consultation with my clients. At the consultation, I discuss their own particular needs and can identify the types of treatments which will give them the best results.”

“For me, this is not about making my clients wear some stylish design we choose the shape and colour together. I strive for the natural look, if people can not tell a client has had it done, this is a success for me. I want my clients to be able to walk into the crowd of people and just feel comfortable.”

Beverley Brows Microblading Offer Discount To Cancer Sufferers

“I also offer a discount to people before and after chemotherapy.  So if they know they are having chemotherapy and there is a likelihood they could lose their eyebrows I will put some hairs in behind their natural hair. By doing this it means that when they lose their hair they are not totally losing their identity.”

“Of course some people worry this is permanent. Some think it is a but this is semi-permanent, it is a pigment, not an ink. As a result, that means over time it will fade. This depends on the skin type but it’s important to stress it continues to lighten.”

“I also do saline removal, it has no chemicals so if you have had a bad experience and want your semi-permanent makeup removed this can also be done.”

“Some clients come to me after the people they have seen have been too bold or made mistakes with the way they have applied the semi-permanent makeup. I can help correct these mistakes.”

Beverley Brows Microblading works on an appointment-only basis. These can be booked by calling 07884271290 or through their Facebook Page Beverley Brows Micrblading.

Appointments are offered  Monday to Friday and also one Saturday a month.

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