We Can All Be Proud Of What Beverley Street Angels Do

We Can All Be Proud Of What Beverley Street Angels Do
We Can All Be Proud Of What Street Angels Do

Local cllr Denis Healy says that ‘We Can All Be Proud Of What Beverley Street Angels Do’ after he spent a busy Saturday evening with them in the town centre.

Clrr Healy who represents the of St Mary’s Ward hit the streets with the Angels as looked to learn more about the work they do to support the towns night time revellers.

Commenting on the night Mr. Healy said;

“I was out in the Town Centre with the Street Angels from 10pm on Saturday night until 3.30am Sunday morning, and the experience really opened my eyes to the number of vulnerable young people needing help in Saturday Market after closing time.”

“The friendly rapport that the Angels have both with the young people and the police is so encouraging to see. I was also impressed with the professionalism of the Street Angels operation.”

“They go out in pairs, and the whole operation is controlled from their base, above a shop in Saturday Market from where the controller has a birds eye view of all that is going on outside the main pubs.”

“The patrolling Angels are all in radio contact with each other and with their base controller, so they can react quickly to help people in need.”

Early on in the shift, the Angels were looking out for bottles and glasses that could cause injury, and then later, after closing time, there were many young people, mostly women who needed help.

“Most had cut their feet on glass, and the Angels were able to administer first aid and provide comfortable flip flops for women to be able to walk home or to the taxi rank. They were also able to offer bottles of water to those who needed some.”

“The shift ended late because one young woman had lost her friends, and was in a distressed state. It was 3.30am, and everywhere was now quiet, apart from this one disorientated and distressed girl who was lost, sitting frightened and crying on the ground.”

“The Street Angels were able to help her use her phone to call her family, and waited with her until someone arrived to collect her. It is so inspiring to see these volunteers, of all ages, giving selflessly, to administer care and support to complete strangers.”

“Earlier on, we were approached by two women wanting directions to the Premier Inn where they were staying. They told us they had come to Beverley from Worthing, on the South coast of England, just to visit for the weekend. They had driven for 5 hours to get here.”

“They commented on what a wonderful place Beverley was, and how they wished they had kind Street Angels looking after people at night in their town.”

“We can all be proud of what Beverley Street Angels do. It was a privilege for me to spend time with them.”

People interested in becoming a volunteer for Beverley Street Angels should contact Carloyn Bradbury on 01482 868124 info@beverleystreetangels.com

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