Beverley Over 10 Months Away From Obtaining KC Lightstream

KC Lightstream

News that local broadband provider KC is set to roll out super-fast broadband to 15,000 homes may sound like good news, but it’s not if you live in .

While a limited number of homes in Beverley are able to already access the service for many it will be another 12 months before the next wave of homes can hope to move off copper and onto fibre.

Lightstream promises to deliver customers on – which is copper – an enhanced service with speeds of up to 22 times quicker, but dates released by the local communications company mean homes in Beverley will have to wait to January 2016, and even then it will still only be offered in certain households.

Properties in the streets around Beverley that have been listed are;

  • Queensgate
  • York Road
  • St Leonard’s Road
  • New Walk
  • Molescroft Road
  • Megson Way
  • Lairgate
  • Manor Road
  • Normandy Avenue

Currently, Internet connectivity in Beverley is slow compared to other speeds in the UK. Stuck on an old based on copper speeds often mean that even accessing the Internet can be a real issue for households.

As more and more normal everyday devices connect to the Internet, such as TVs mobile phones, gaming and even kitchen appliances, it does not take long for people to experience slow speeds while accessing the Internet.

People’s frustrations are often made worse by the price paid for the internet within the KC exclusive zones. As a large majority of homes connect with ADSL, they need a fixed phone line just to get online.

While KC continues to offer a good service and supports local jobs and employs local people it is hard to escape the fact that here in Beverley, we pay more than most households in the UK for Telco and Internet services.

All being well in twelve months time more people in Beverley may be able to acquire Lightstream and start to finally begin to enjoy the Internet and web-based applications that have become a fundamental part of modern life.

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  1. Albeit the price will also rocket to over £50 per month, just too dear and no freebie vouchers or choice of company.

  2. Yes the rollout of KCs Lightstream is at snails pace, it will be years before it is fully in operation in all parts of the system and it looks as if the area in the north of Beverley will be the last area to get it too

  3. KC are a load of rubbish. I am on Lightstream and have had nothing but problems. Constantly disconnecting, speed is horrendous. OFCOM wont do anything because not enough people are complaining. Over £45 a month for a horrendous service when the rest of the country can get unlimited from £15 per month. Daylight robbery from KC.

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