Access New Government Energy Efficiency Funding To Improve Your Home

Access New Government Energy Efficiency Funding To Improve Your Home

The recent cold weather is a reminder to us all about the importance of keeping warm and healthy. A key factor in a person’s ability to do so is ensuring they have an energy-efficient home.

The Government’s Green Deal Scheme is designed to help people to fund a range of home improvements that make them easier and more affordable to heat. The scheme works by providing a loan to fund the works which is then repaid using the savings made on the .

To encourage take up of the scheme the Government has recently launched a Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.

Through this fund, residents may be able to claim up to £1,000 towards the cost of installing a number of other heating and insulation measures. There is also up to £500 additional support available to anyone applying within 12 months of buying a home.

is helping residents access this support by adding lots of useful information on its website, providing further details on the Green Deal and the new fund.

Councillor Symon Fraser, said: “We are keen to encourage energy efficiency, as it helps people stay warm and healthy, as well as being better for the environment.

“However, we also recognise that the Green Deal can be quite a complex scheme to access. By outlining the details of it and the new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund on our website we are providing residents with the information they need to benefit from these initiatives.”

Residents interested in finding out more about the Green Deal and the Green Deal Home Improvement
Fund can do so online here.

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