Beverley Ladies Circle Annual Handover @ Cerutti2

Beverley Ladies Circle met at for their annual ‘Handover’. The theme of the evening was ‘Childhood friendships’, which was apt as outgoing Chair Kerri Harold handed over to Lyn McCoid.

The two have been friends since they met as youngsters at .

The evening was filled with reminders of the 70’s and 80’s and a gentle stroll down memory lane as a photo montage of all the members as children was given as a keepsake.

Kerri was delighted to announce that during her year, approx £500 was raised for Dove House Hospice, and Lyn informed the ladies that her chosen charity for the forthcoming year was to be ‘The Sailor’s Children’s charity’, also a great local cause.

If anyone is interested in becoming a member of Beverley Ladies Circle or just interested in finding out what they are about, please contact Lyn or Kerri at

Beverley Ladies Circle Annual Handover @ Cerutti2

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