Beverley Racecourse

Walking around is a pleasant way to relax with its historic town and stunning countryside. Given the fact I have started a web site about Beverley, .net today I decided to take the walk around for the first time.

It did not take too long to walk around the edge of the track, although I had to concentrate a little to keep between the white rails. As I passed the grandstand and enclosures of Beverley Racecourse I was quite surprised at the size and grandeur of place.  I’d only seen the grandstand from the road before, and hadn’t been very impressed with  the building, but now I can see that I’d been looking at the very substantial rear of the structure.  The view from the front is much more impressive.

At one point I had to go past a tractor that was watering the track, and got thoroughlysoaked.  My mission from that point on was to continue walking in the warm breeze to dry off a little until I reached the nearby Rose and Crown, a large pub located on the corner of York Road at .  A perfect afternoon out!

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