Two Reasons to Consider a Move to Beverley

Two Reasons to Consider a Move to Beverley
Two Reasons to Consider a Move to Beverley

With over a thousand years of rich history, the market town of Beverley offers something different compared to the fast-paced urban centres throughout the UK. The slower pace of life is accompanied by a more community-oriented atmosphere, and that’s only the beginning of why it should be on your radar.

#1: Ideal for a Sea Change

People seek out sea changes for all kinds of different reasons. Whether they just want a different pace of life, to live closer to the ocean, or to recover from a relationship breakdown, Beverley could be the ideal location.

One of the major benefits of a place like Beverley is that in addition to providing a quieter life and being fairly close to the ocean, it’s also not that far away from major city centres. York is less than an hour away, and Leeds is less than 90 minutes, meaning that you can make regular trips and get the best of both kinds of lifestyles.

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That said, before you can take off on your sea change, you must also consider what things need to be done first. One obvious example is in the case of a relationship breakdown, where selling your house after a divorce might be the first priority. If this can be done amicably, then you’ll quickly be ready to get stuck into the next phase of your life. On the other hand, if both parties can’t agree, then a judge will create a financial remedy order and hand down a final ruling. This is not the only thing that can slow down a sea change, but perhaps one of the most common.

#2: Community, Lifestyle, and Education

Looking more broadly at the appeal of Beverley, it’s a place with a strong sense of community. The town is renowned for its lively events that bring the locals together, including the BevFest and the very popular Beverley Gin Festival. You can find different kinds of festivals all throughout the year, each offering a way to connect with the local community.

The region is also blessed with an abundance of green spaces. The expansive Beverley Westwood is a good example, allowing families to have picnics or simply spend some time out in nature. Westwood has even been the location chosen to host some of Beverley’s festivals in the past.

Along with the community spirit comes an impressive range of schools. Beverley Grammar School, the oldest state school in England, is one of the most notable, but it’s not the only one. There are a range of good schools at both primary and secondary levels, and at the tertiary level, the University of Hull is only a short drive away.

In many respects, a move to Beverley allows you a lot more variety and freedom in your lifestyle. You can enjoy a more relaxed day-to-day life and take regular trips to the beach, but at the same time experience the convenience of city life with several bigger population hubs nearby. When you add in the welcoming community environment, it’s easy to see why people choose to live in a place like Beverley.

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