Local Manufacturers Welcome College’s £500k Investment In Machinery

Local Manufacturers Welcome College's £500k Investment In Machinery
May 18, 2023

East Riding College is investing £500,000 in manufacturing and engineering machinery to upskill local workers.

Beverley-based TEC Partnership college, which is a member of the group of education providers, has acquired four pieces of specialist equipment for businesses to train their employees in the latest production technology, boosting both worker skills and business efficiency.


Major Contribution Made By Cranswick PLC Make Towards Floodlight Fund

Major Contribution Made By Cranswick Plc Make Towards Floodlight Fund
February 21, 2022

Beverley Town Football Club’s dream of gaining promotion to the Northern Counties East League took a huge step forward this week thanks to significant investment from local company Cranswick PLC.

The club has been raising funds to enable them to apply for a grant from The Football Foundation, which in turn will allow them to install floodlights and make improvements at their Norwood ground. 


Hull College Catering Students Team Up With Cranswick Plc

Hull College Catering Students Team Up With Cranswick Plc
August 29, 2019

With Freedom Festival 2019 underway, stomachs are already starting to rumble, much to the delight of Hull College’s catering students who will be hosting their first ever street food stall at this year’s festival.

Freedom Festival Arts Trust helped to facilitate an introduction between Hull College and local company Cranswick Plc, who have been supporting the students – providing produce and skills workshops – as they create exciting dishes to feed the hungry festival crowds.