Inter Recover Well To Earn A Point

October 8, 2012

An Inter Beaver side that looked like they were suffering from a ‘European Hangover’ were held 2 – 2 at home by C-Force United. Keeper Mike Morris and Micheal O’connell arrived just minutes before kick off as make shift side missing a number of players looked


Lewis Jenkinson Thinks SJT Is His Go-To Guy

July 20, 2012

Inter Beaver boss Lewis Jenkinson is hoping to go one better this season and win some silver ware with the Inter Beaver.Jenkinson guided the club to their first cup final in over 10 years last season only to see his side beaten in the final.


Inter Throw Away Two Goal Lead In Curtain Raiser

September 4, 2011

Inter Beaver surrender a two goal lead as they started their league season loosing at home to Malt Shovel. Taking a two goal lead in the first half with goals from Tom Martin and Chris Wilson as The Beaver looked set to be on course to winning start. However it was not be as the game was turned on it head as Malt Shovel turned up the pressure by humping…