How To Make Your Driving More Economical

How To Make Your Driving More Economical
How To Make Your Driving More Economical

Though fuel prices might be falling, economical driving is still hugely beneficial for your wallet and your car. Most drivers know that maintaining a constant speed contributes to overall efficiency, but when you look at the bigger picture, there’s much more to it. 

Whether you’ve only just got your licence or you’re buying your next car soon, it’s always worth knowing about the best fuel-saving tactics out there – and why they should make up an important part of your everyday drive.

Why is it worth driving economically?

  • It’s the eco-friendly option

According to the latest government statistics, the transport sector was responsible for more than a quarter of the UK’s total emissions in 2021. Domestic transport, including cars, emitted 109 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent in the same year.

Wherever possible, economical driving consequentially helps the planet. When you try to reduce your fuel consumption, you’re also reducing the volume of harmful, burnt fuels your car emits into the atmosphere.

  • It saves you money

Naturally, using less fuel means topping up your tank less frequently. This will undoubtedly save you money on a monthly or even weekly basis, especially if you often drive a long commute with plenty of motorway miles.

Keeping an eye on current fuel prices and using an online mileage calculator will help you to plan your journey in the most economical way. With a set figure in mind, you can stick to a budget when you control just how much fuel your engine consumes on your journey.

  • It keeps your car healthy

It’s no secret that revving hard can place unnecessary strain on your engine. Add to that the possibility of sudden braking and coasting around corners and you could be looking at exaggerated wear and tear – alongside steeper fuel costs.

As well as booking professional car servicing near you at least once every year, economical driving is a proven way to increase the lifespan of your car. Smoother driving reduces maintenance costs, keeping consumable components, like the tyres and clutch, in good condition for longer.

Our top 3 tips for driving economically

To summarise, we’ve provided our three foolproof steps towards cheaper, safer, and more sustainable driving below:

  1. Keep it maintained: Looking after your car is a sure way to maximise and enhance the fuel efficiency already offered by your engine. Keep all moving parts lubricated with clean and plentiful engine oil and remember to get your annual service too.
  2. Think aerodynamics: Streamlined and lightweight vehicles naturally require less power to get moving – and therefore less fuel. Whenever possible, make sure your car is as light as it can be when you’re driving. Remove the roof bars or box when not in use.
  3. Drive smoothly: Lastly, try to avoid harsh acceleration and sudden braking. Don’t leave your engine to idle for too long and try to change up a gear when you need to, rather than labouring the engine.
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