5 Ways To Know If An Online Casino Site Is Reliable

5 Ways To Know If An Online Casino Site Is Reliable
5 Ways To Know If An Online Casino Site Is Reliable

With the number of people playing online casino games increasing, one question that lingers in their minds is how one tells that a platform is reliable.

This can be a challenge, especially for the players who are starting out. Getting a reliable platform as Jettie Oosterveen puts it is the beginning of a great gambling experience. 

Jettie who has been reviewing online casino in Netherlands and other similar jurisdictions adds that “Een speler uit Nederland die bijvoorbeeld op zoek is naar betrouwbare online casinos en uiteindelijk daar terecht komt waar hij moet zijn, zal aan het einde van de rit tevreden zijn.

Aan de andere kant zal een speler die op een site terechtkomt die eerst betrouwbaar lijkt maar later teleurstelt, ervoor zorgen da die speler gedemotiveerd is.

En die speler zal een negatieve houding aannemen tegenover de hele online casinogebeuren. Dit betekent dat elke site die online gokken aanbiedt, moet streven naar een betrouwbaar casino. Het is van belang om te voldoen aan de behoeften en verwachtingen van de spelers.”

A trustworthy online casino not only attracts players but also retains them. For the players, getting a reliable Holland casino online 2022 can be a herculean task but with these tips on how to know a trusted site, everything becomes easy. Here, we present five ways that you can know whether a platform is reliable or not.

Make online casino review your first reference

If you are starting as a casino player do not just get into the field without adequate knowledge of what is in the market. Carry out comprehensive research on the online platforms that are available so that when making a decision, you are doing it from a point of information. One way of gathering information and knowledge about the market is reading through reviews. 

Jettie Oosterveen has been writing online casino reviews for some time now and she says this should be the starting point for any player. She adds that reviews not only give a clue on what to expect but also provide a player with vital information on how to select a site that may offer the experience that is needed. Some of the reviews that Jettie has written as well as her profile can be obtained here

Reviews, especially those that are written by experts give comprehensive details about platforms. These reviews are out on years of research and analysis. They can be trusted as a single source of truth. Their content has helped many players make their decision and ultimately a great gambling experience.

Is the platform registered and licensed?

One way of knowing whether you are dealing with a trusted or rogue platform is by checking the registration and licensing status of the online casino site. Check from their website whether they have a registration and license number. If you are not sure where to check these details, ask around.

A registered platform will play by the rules as they are well aware of the repercussion. They also have a reputation to protect. A rogue platform on the other hand will not care about its reputation, so you need to avoid them like plague. If you find it hard to get their registration status, seek assistance from the regulating authorities.

Listen to what others have to say about a platform

Chances are slim that you are the first player to land on an online casino site. Others have been here and they can tell loads of stories about their experience. Check the rating of the selected site and see what others have commented about it. A platform that is highly rated and players have only good things to say about it meet the criteria of a reliable site. One that has received a negative rating should be avoided as a similar experience awaits prospective players.

Check how the site is presented

With online casino platforms, what you see is what you get. A website is the first thing that you interact with and how it is presented speaks volumes about the platform. Look out for the following and make your decision:

  • Does the platform offer visitors an easy way to navigate through the features?
  • Is the platform well secured?
  • Does it allow underage gambling?
  • Are there mechanisms to protect players against excessive gambling?
  • Are there adequate customer support mechanisms?

Once you ascertain that the platform is easily navigable, well secured, and offers necessary protections for minors and from excessive betting, know that you are just a few steps to a great gambling experience.


As a player, you want to be treated from time to time. This comes in the form of incentives that are offered on a site where players are awarded bonuses and other promotional offers.

It is not just enough to get the bonuses; they also need to be regular and handsome. Select a platform that promises regular incentives and you will not only increase the chances of winning as well as make great savings out of your endeavours.

Selecting a reliable casino should not be a herculean task. Follow these tips and your journey to a great online casino will just have started.

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