Twenty People Are Arrested As A Result Of A Drink Driving Campaign

Twenty People Are Arrested As A Result Of A Drink Driving Campaign
Twenty People Are Arrested As A Result Of A Drink Driving Campaign

During an August campaign, the Roads Unit made more than 20 arrests for driving under the influence.

During the weekend of Saturday 13 and Sunday 28 August, officers conducted breath tests and drug wipes on Humberside’s roads.

The Roads Policing Unit alone conducted around 650 roadside breath tests and drug wipes, making 11 arrests for drink driving and 10 for failed drug wipes.

Among the Fatal Four, driving under the influence is one of them. Educating and preventing fatal collisions on our region’s roads is a priority for officers throughout the year.

Sergeant Paul Long, of the Road Policing Division, said the following: 

“We want to educate people about the dangers of driving whilst under the influence, which is why we have these focused campaigns.”

“We always take driving under the influence seriously as we see on a daily basis the devastating impact this can have.

“Driving whilst under the influence is completely unacceptable and we will always enforce traffic legislation to prosecute offenders.”

“I would appeal to anyone considering driving under the influence of drink or drugs to consider the devastating impact it can have on the friends and families of themselves, and on other road users impacted by their behaviour.”

A driver who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol could be fined unlimited amounts, banned from driving for 12 months, arrested and sentenced to prison, as well as guilty of putting another person’s life at risk.

Sgt Long added;

“If you are out and have had a drink, please arrange transport home which doesn’t involve you behind the wheel,” added Sgt Long.

“You also have to consider your alcohol consumption if you plan on driving the next day. It takes an hour to process a single unit of alcohol and whilst you may try to sleep, eat or shower, the only thing that can sober you up is time.

“If you are caught driving under the influence it’s not just your licence that you risk – it could be your whole future.”

You can report any suspected drunk drivers in your area by calling 101, or you can dial 999 if a crime is taking place.

It is quite possible that that call could save lives.

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