Local NHS Dental Services At ‘Tipping Point’ Says Dental Expert

Local NHS Dental Services At 'Tipping Point' Says Dental Expert
Local NHS At ‘Tipping Point’ Says Dental Expert

NHS dentistry in Yorkshire is at a tipping point say experts with new studies revealing that 98% of NHS dental practices locally are unable to offer appointments to new adult patients.

Extensive research reached out to every single UK dental practice. It showed that Yorkshire and Humber is among the worst in the country when it comes to getting an NHS appointment.

Shawn Charlwood, Chair of the British Dental Association’s General Dental Practice Committee is very concerned with the current situation. He fears if things continue on the current path it will signal the end of NHS dentistry.

He said;

“NHS dentistry is at a tipping point. Millions are unable to get the care they need and more dentists leaving with every day that passes.”

“We’re seeing the results of years of chronic neglect, set into overdrive by the pressures of the pandemic. The question now is will Ministers step up before it’s too late?”

“Nothing we’ve heard from the government to date gives us any confidence this service has a future. Without real reform and fair funding, NHS dentistry will die, and our patients will pay the price.”

NHS Dental Services Shortages Also Impacting Children And Adults

Results from the survey also revealed Yorkshire and Humber are performing worse than others when it comes to children. Figures show that 89% of dental practices are not accepting children. Only the South West at 95% faired worse.

Data also showed that 25% of dental practices have an NHS waiting list with an average wait time is over a year.

Across England, the NHS service is facing a crisis due to a discredited contract that funds care for barely half of the population and prioritizes government targets over patient care.  

A few minor changes have been made to this system by NHS England recently.

Despite this, dentist leaders argue that the changes will not improve access to services or keep dentists on the NHS without any new investment.

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