Local Residents Are Suffering While Tories Focus On Leadership Battle

Local Residents Are Suffering While Tories Focus On Leadership Battle
Local Residents Are Suffering While Tories Focus On Leadership Battle

Liberal Democrats in East Yorkshire say residents are suffering while the tories focus on their leadership battle. As a result, they intend to take direct action and raise the concerns at the next possible opportunity.

Councillors will be seeking to put pressure on the Government at ERYC when the Full Council meets this week to tackle the cost of living emergency and to locally create a Cost of Living Summit.

They also say the situation is so bad that East Yorkshire is in the top five when it comes to food handouts.

Cllr David Nolan has voiced his concerns and fears for residents in East Yorkshire. He said;

“Our residents are undergoing the misery of seeing fast-rising prices on fuel, heating, food and other basics. With inflation hitting double figures, the real value of our resident’s wages, benefits or pensions are being eroded.”

“Meanwhile the Conservatives are turning inwards and having a leadership election.”

“They don’t care about residents. The Lib Dems are calling for a reduction in VAT from 20% to 17.5 % and to restore the £20 cut in Universal Credit.”

“We also want to see cast-iron guarantees that the promised restoration of the Pensions Rise next year, at or above inflation, takes place.”

Cllr who represents St Mary’s in Beverley said;

“The number of food parcels being handed out by our local food banks puts the East Riding in the top 5 areas of need in the country.”

“This is shocking and things are only going to get worse without government intervention. Already, 1 in 3 children and I in 5 adults in some areas of the county are living in poverty.”

“By bringing together as many agencies and interested parties as possible to discuss how best to help those who are currently suffering and those who will suffer as costs increase.”

“We hope Government will sit up, listen and act. The current proposals by the Government don’t go far enough to help families and individuals who are only just surviving.”

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  1. The usual crap from the LIB DEMS.The party that wants your vote then ignores the electorate,re tuition fees and Brexit.

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