Difference Between Legit And Scam Online Casinos

Difference Between Legit And Scam Online Casinos
Difference Between Legit And Scam Online Casinos

Finding an online casino to play at can seem like a daunting task. In fact, with so many choices out there, most people need guidance on how to choose an online casino that suits them.

However, even with all the guidance out there, sometimes there are online casinos with cracks in them that we just don’t spot. And holes are not always obvious, so below we are looking to give you some tips/advice on warning signs to look out for.

Checking the Licensing is Legit

One of the key criteria involved is picking a casino that holds a license covering your jurisdiction. As online casinos have evolved, so has licensing. Now if you are using a decent online casino review website for information and advice, then there should be a section about the casino’s licensing. There are certain licensing authorities that come with strict frameworks designed to fully protect the players and others that seem to just be for show.

  • UKGC: One of the world’s strictest licensing authorities and a model for other licensing authorities out there. However, it is only there to protect players from the UK.
  • MGA: This is one of the world’s most trusted licensing authorities. It is based in Malta and operates under EU laws as so the casinos licensed with the casino. Players from all over the world can use the player protection services offered by this licensing authority.
  • Curacao: Not exactly the most trustworthy licensing authority. It also covers players in most of the world, including online gambling zones where it is illegal to play online casinos. However, there is not much payer.

Note: Both the UKGC + MGA offer free mediation services in case of casino vs player disputes, a complaints service, and they keep the casino fully compliant with UK and EU gambling rules put in place via regular checks.

Spotting a casino with false licensing claims:

  1. Footer: Check the UKGC and MGA licensing numbers in the footer of the casino. For Curacao eGaming licenses, check if the casino has a seal of approval.
  2. Terms & Conditions: Look for licensing information in the casino’s terms and conditions
  3. Check on licensing website: Check the company mentioned in the footer has a license. For example, the UKGC has a page where you can check licensing here. Also, the MGA has the same, while Curacao does not, as the casino should always have a clickable seal of approval.

No Company Name Listed Spells Danger

Sometimes the desire to gamble outweighs concern for safety. Unfortunately, there are some casinos that take advantage of this, and they are usually the ones not only without a license, but you will also struggle to find any company information in the footer, in the T&Cs, or anywhere else for that matter.

In the end, you can deposit with this casino, win a large sum, and the casino could just decide not to pay you. Therefore, never put yourself at risk by playing at a non-transparent casino.

Test Bonuses to Check Legitimacy

There are a few ways to check bonus offers are legit that point towards the casino being legit which are down to the way the casino conducts its bonus offers. An example of an honest bonus is the Unibet casino bonus at Casino.online review website.

Here you will find many honest bonus deals with reviews of the bonus terms and conditions. Here are some ways to spot a bad bonus, which you can compare with the honest bonus deals offered at the casino.online website.

  • Are the wagering requirements fair? If a casino places 100x wagering requirements on its bonus offer, then it’s not a legit casino for bonus hunters. There is very little chance you will play through 100x turnover and a casino that does this is effectively being dishonest – why would you play at a dishonest casino?
  • Successful Bonus Turnover: Does the casino let you keep funds you successfully wagered, or does it instantly tell you that you broke terms and conditions even though you played by the rules? Many scam casinos deny players cash they successfully played through – which makes no sense in the long run. It is best to cash out and try another casino rather than stick with this type of short-term thinking casino.
  • Odd Bonus T&Cs: If the bonus’s T&Cs are too complex, miss out certain details, or are contradictory between the ‘bonus terms’, ‘general terms’, and FAQ, the casino is usually not a trustworthy one looking to use bonuses to lure you in, but with the intention of using any excuse not to pay you should you successfully play though the wagering.

Other Ways to Spot Rogue Online Casinos

The above points are just some of the areas some rogue casinos can pull the wool over your eyes. Other areas to test are withdrawals – does the casino deny your withdrawals? Or they take an obscene amount of time to process cash out.

You will usually also run into unhelpful support or non-existent support. This is why we also suggest testing the ‘live chat’ and ‘email’ support soon after you sign up just to get a feel for the support you can expect in the future should you run into any issues.

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