Parking Machines Could Be Helping Spread COVID Says Business Owner

Parking Machines Could Be Helping Spread COVID Says Business Owner
Parking Machines Could Be Helping Spread COVID Says Business Owner

A trader in the Beverley Town Centre says they are concerned parking machines could be helping to spread the virus.

They say that numerous people are using the metres each day, but no one is cleaning them. As a result, they are worried it is helping to spread the virus within the community.

Now they are calling for something to be done as the virus continues to spread in this region while voicing concerns that this oversight could be putting key workers health at risk.

Research shows that the virus can survive 3 to 72 hours on some surfaces in droplets.

They asked not to be named, however speaking to they outlined their concerns. They said;

“We may be in the middle of a national lockdown but plenty of people are still coming into Beverley. When they are here they are parking and paying for this using the parking ticket machines.”

“So you have all these people touching the buttons and buying tickets. This is really concerning as no one from the council appears to be cleaning them. I am really worried that this is just helping to spread the virus.”

Wardens Issuing Tickets Could Instead Clean Parking Machines

“It makes no sense to me why they are even charging people to park. We are in currently in lockdown so anyone coming into the town is only making an essential trip.”

“The council could easily resolve this problem in a number of ways. They could put hand sanitizer by all the parking ticket machines or they could just stop charging people to park.”

“Whatever happens something needs to be done. They have staff out issuing tickets to people maybe those wardens could instead clean the machines.”

“The guidance we are all being given is to avoid touching surfaces as they could be contaminated. To me, this just feels like too much of risk and would like to see something done about it.”

“In this area, the numbers are rising. It takes just one person who has the virus to touch a button and spread it to the rest of the town. People buying parking ticket could also bring the virus into the essential businesses that are open in the town.”

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  1. There is NOT one confirmed case in the entire world that can traced to someone catching Covid 19 from not only a parking meter but any object outside.The sort of rubbish now being peddled as fact.

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