Challenging Year For Group That Lights Up Beverley At Christmas

Challenging Year For Group That Lights Up Beverley At Christmas
Challenging Year For Group That Lights Up Beverley At Christmas

, Secretary of the says it has been a challenging year for the group.

Made up of seven members these volunteers work tirelessly all-year-round fundraising to light up the town for the festive period.

Like charities throughout the country, the COVID-19 pandemic means they have been unable to raise money this year.

Prue says that despite the group have remained positive. She says they have been doing all they can to ensure Beverley sparkles this Christmas.

Speaking to Prue said;

“The Lights Group have, like most other organisations, been unable to fundraise this year.”

“Any events we had planned for 2020 was cancelled. Events like our fashion show and the tombola at the Festival of Christmas really boost our funds.”

“Without these, our quiz nights and also the treasure hunt we arrange, we have lost vital funding opportunities. As a result, any contribution is doubly welcome and much appreciated.”

“There was money in the kitty so more lights have been purchased. These should all be in place in time for the lights to be switched on the last weekend in November.”

“Beverley Town Council has also funded more lights in the. As a result of this money, additional areas will benefit from being lit up during the Festive period. Beverley Memorial Hall, Well Lane and Swabys Yard are just a few places that will now be lit up.”

While this may be difficult times for voluntary groups it is not all doom and gloom. Prue says the Beverley Christmas Lights Appeal will this year be thanking one business for their continued support.

There will be no special event to switch on lights like in other years due to COVID pandemic

Volunteers Determined To Light Up Beverley Despite A Challenging Year

She said;

“Customers at Heron in Toll Gavel have contributed more than £1200 towards Christmas lights over the last few years. The people of Beverley are living proof that the change in their  pockets can light up the town.”

“Thanks to shoppers in Heron putting their small change into Beverley Christmas Lights Groups’ tins a considerable amount of money has been raised.” 

“In recognition of this Heron is to get a large coloured light feature in the bracket above the shop. We hope this shows just how grateful we are and help add to the festive atmosphere.”

“Everyone involved with the appeal would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have donated. We would also like to wish every a Merry Christmas.”

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