Beverley Skincare Specialist Launches Third Product In Signature Routine Range

Beverley Skincare Specialist Launches Third Product In Signature Routine Range
Skincare Specialist Launches Third Product In Signature Routine Range

An East Yorkshire skincare expert has launched a specialist cleanser based on her research into skin feel.

‘1′ is a deep cleaning calming gel to milk cleanser that is inspired by Beverley based ’s 20 years’ scientific research and professional expertise and refined by her skin-feel research.

Dr Steventon’s research focused on the role that skincare plays in physical and emotional wellbeing and how natural touch-based therapy is beneficial to both skin and brain.

Of the launch, Dr Steventon said:

“‘1′ is a new hybrid formula for deep cleansing without dehydration that is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It is based on a unique combination of modified plant oils (including coconut and evening primrose oils), gentle surfactants, hydrating glycerin and calming aloe vera leaf extract.

“Every ingredient serves a unique purpose. Looking at skin from a medical angle, understanding that each ingredient needs to be delivered to the cells in order to work, and knowing what it does, is crucial when it comes to understanding how to care for the skin on your face. Because I stand alone in combining scientific knowledge with hands-on therapy, I am able to offer an evidence-based approach and to add to my Signature Routine.”

‘1′ is the third skincare product in Dr Steventon’s Signature Routine that comprises ‘1′ Calming Cleanser, ‘4′ Anti-Ageing Serum and ‘9′ Radiance Eye and Lip Serum. 

Shortlisted in the 2017 Beauty Awards for Best New Skincare Product, ‘4′ is a unique anti-ageing serum that combines regenerative plant oils and active ingredients that are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and to improve skin tone.

‘9′ Radiance Eye and Lip Serum is an anti-ageing serum for tired, dehydrated eyes and lips and was shortlisted in the 2018 Beauty Awards for Best New Premium Anti-Ageing Product.

Dr Steventon suggests that both ‘4′ and ‘9′ are used as a morning eye and lip serum and an evening massage oil and provides massage routines with each product.

‘1′ Calming Cleanser costs £35 for a 50ml pot with an applicator. It is available online at, or direct from Dr Steventon’s Beverley clinic. The serums ‘4′ and ‘9′ cost £55 and £65 respectively. The complete Routine featuring all three products is available at a discounted price of £140.

Dr Steventon will use the products in her ‘Radiant Skin for Christmas’ online workshop on November 22. Tickets for the event cost £25 and include a sample pack of all three products and a 60-minute interactive session. 

Dr Steventon uses her PhD in skin science combined with her professional facial therapy training to provide clients with a bespoke package of scientifically validated products combined with facial therapies in her Beverley clinic.

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