Let’s Start Putting Life and Vitality Back Into Community Says MP

Let's Start Putting Life and Vitality Back Into Community Says MP
Let’s Start Putting Life and Vitality Back Into Community Says MP

MP Graham Stuart says it is time to start putting life and vitality back into the community. He is now calling for people to support local while remaining sensible when out.

Mr Stuart made the comments as a number of businesses in Beverley resumed trading following months of being in lockdown.

The MP was one of many people who visited the town’s pubs and . As will all guests he was asked to sign in on arrival.

Speaking to HU17.net he said;

“I am delighted to be in the which is the consistency entry for the Pub of Year. I have been speaking with Richard to see when that competition can get going again and see if the Sun can not only be the local champion but the national champion.”

“Richard and his team have put in a great deal of work to ensure the tables are socially distanced. Everyone in the pub certainly seems to be in a good mood.”

“The only thing that has stopped people smiling that broadly is the failure of their Member of Parliament to buy them all a drink.”

“To see the restaurants and pubs open again makes a big difference, especially for young people. It makes such a big difference as so many of my constituents are dependant on the hospitality industry.”

“There are thousands of people working in Beverley and Holderness for businesses that can now open.”

“Now they are open we have to try and be responsible so this area does not become one that sees a big COVID-19 spike.”

Support Local and Get Life and Vitality Back In Our Town

My understanding is that the local authority has been very strict ahead of reopening. I went to a cafe in Beverley and most of their tables were taped off. So it appears ERYC has been quite forceful though I would say people will feel that is the right thing to do.”

“Working alongside the local authority the cafe has opened again to make sure people stay safe. I think we all want a local authority that is on the front foot doing the right thing.”  

“We have to clear that if the numbers start going the other way then there will be no choice but to shut it all down. That would be a disaster for the businesses, all the people who work in them and also our communities.”

“Let’s all get out there and support these businesses. They have gone for months without any revenue or income. So if you can go out support local businesses, buy local and let us start putting life and vitality back into the community.”

“There is no better way of doing it then support local shops, restaurants and pubs.”

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