LibDems Name Their Candidate With General Election Looming

LibDems Name Their Candidate With General Election Looming
LibDems Name Their Candidate With General Election Looming

The have confirmed that Councillor Denis Healy will be their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Beverley and Holderness constituency.

While no date for a general election has been set, it is widely accepted one could be just weeks away.

Speaking about his selection, Cllr Healy said;

“There is no mandate for a no-deal Brexit. At the referendum, people were told we would be leaving in an orderly way with a deal.”

“The government knows that a no-deal Brexit would crash our economy. Our manufacturing output would be subject to tariffs making us less competitive.”

“British business would be on its knees, unemployment would increase, there would be blockages at the ports, and we would all also be poorer. It would be a bleak future for our children. Many people are telling me they didn’t vote for this.”

“The Prime Minister and his unelected Downing Street advisor are desperate to try every trick in the book to inflict a damaging no-deal Brexit on our country.”

“They have tried to stifle debate by shutting down Parliament, and then kicked out 21 decent moderate Conservative MPs for daring to vote for legislation to stop a no-deal Brexit.”

“Even the Prime Minister’s own brother has had enough.”

LibDems Working Cross Party To Deny ‘Desperate PM’ An Early Election

“Boris’s latest plan to hold a General Election after we have crashed out without a deal also needs to be resisted. The opposition parties are not going to give the prime minister the election he is so desperate for until an extension has been secured and the risk of crashing out of the EU without a deal is completely eliminated.”

“That’s why the election needs to come in November.”

“We absolutely need an election so that the people can make a clear choice about what kind of future they want.”

“I am looking forward to making the case after 1st November for the Liberal Democrats, the only clear choice for stopping Brexit and fighting for equality, the environment and a fairer country.”

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  1. It’s the best chance in two generations for our area to usurp the Conservatives. I’m an ex Tory voter who has felt hugely let down by the blues and feel like Dennis is the man to put Beverley’s feelings to parliament. I’ve met Graham Stewart on a number of occasions and find him an intellectual let down in conversation. He’s not the future. Incidentally, neither is Dennis but a Lib Dem MP will have the effect of lifting our interest in democracy and maybe, just maybe we’ll find a young, votable candidate who can push our agenda for the national good. Go Dennis. You’ve got my vote!

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