MP Committed To Improving Local Transport Infrastructure

MP Committed To Improving Local Transport Infrastructure
MP Committed To Improving Local Transport Infrastructure

says he is determined to do all he can to help improve the local transport infrastructure.

His comments come following a meeting with Hull Trains Managing Director Louise Cheeseman. At that meeting, the MP discusses the recent issues Hull Trains has faced.

He also says that and in particular Hull Trains have been a regular issue raised by residents in Beverley and Holderness.

Mr Stuart said;

“Time and time again, at my street surgeries and by letter, my constituents have expressed their frustration at the regularity of Hull Trains cancellations and delays.”

“The often hours of additional journey time that my constituents have put up with has significantly impacted on their quality of life.”

“I know that many of my constituents are looking forward to the December delivery of a fleet Class 802 trains.”

“This fleet of hi-tech trains is expected to modernise the region’s rail experience. It will result in a faster, more reliable and comfortable Hull Trains service.”

Mr Stuart, however, says he was pleased to learn that Hull Trains had shown an improvement in their punctuality.

He also acknowledged the hard work the company is doing to get the company back on track. Hull Trains recently took delivery of an HST which will be added to their fleet.

Hull Trains Meeting Part Of Ongoing Pledge To Improve Local Transport Infrastructure

He added;

“It is good news that Hull Trains is addressing the flaws that have made rail travel in East Riding so problematic.”

“Yet I am under no illusion there is much more to be done. Not only to improve rail services across East Riding but to ensure that the entire transport infrastructure connecting the villages, towns and cities of this region works.”

“The new Hull Trains fleet will be a positive step towards enhanced connectivity but upgrades to the transport network must be multifaceted. That is why I am looking forward to the £50 million redevelopment of Jock’s Lodge.”

Next month the MP will meet with . He says it will also be an opportunity to discuss solutions to the challenges of rural bus service provision.

He concluded;

“I am determined to do all I can to ensure that my constituents benefit from excellent transport infrastructure. As opposed to tolerating substandard connectivity.”

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