Council Manage To Stop Grant But Are ‘Disappointed’ At Festival Cancellation

Council Manage To Stop Grant But Are 'Disappointed' At Festival Cancellation
Council Manage To Stop Grant But Are ‘Disappointed’ At Festival Cancellation

East Riding of Yorkshire Council are the latest organisation to express their disappointment at the collapse of the Beverley Folk Festival which has seen this year’s event cancelled, however did manage to stop the grant in time.

The Council who have been keen supporters of the Beverley Folk Festival added they were able to put a stop to the money that was due to be granted to help fund the festival.

An East Riding of Yorkshire Council spokesperson said;

“We are very disappointed that the organisers of the Beverley Folk Festival have had to cancel the event this year.”

“It will be a sad loss to the local music scene, as well as for the local industry and to the economy of Beverley.”

“We have been happy to offer limited financial support to this event in the past, and were due to do so again this year.”

”Should we receive any proposals to revive the Festival in the future, we will be open to discussions, to see if there might be a way forward.”

East Riding of Yorkshire Council had awarded the Beverley Folk Festival, which has been established 35 years, a grant of £7,331 for the event though managed to stop on hearing the news.

People behind the event have expressed their regret that people who have purchased tickets will have to talk to their card issuers about obtaining a refund.

also released statement about the cancellation of the festival saying they were still awaiting payment from 2017 and also offered terms to try and help the event.

They added that the loss of the event, that was enjoyed by thousands of people will be sorely missed and will have an impact on the local economy.

Anyone looking to recover monies owed should contact their corporate recovery licensed insolvency practitioners: Redman Nichols Butler, The Chapel, Bridge Street, Driffield, East Yorkshire, YO25 5DA Tel: 01377 257788.

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  1. It has been a misnomer for many years to call it a “Folk” Festival – an”Entertainment” Festival might have fitted the bill better. There has been less and less ‘street’ entertainment over the years, when it first opened there were performers on every corner: Dancers, Singers, Jugglers, Children’s Theatre and many more. I do not know why this stopped, perhaps the audience would not pUt into the hats but it became more and more a festival performed by professional artists for whom people had to pay to view, a number of them very good but it was the demise of the buskers that changed it from being “folk”. You could no longer bring your children to take part in shows, be taught how to juggle and watch all the dancing.

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