Johanna Boal Named As Labour Candidate To Take On Graham Stuart

Johanna Boal Named As Labour Candidate To Take On Graham Stuart
Johanna Boal Named As Labour Candidate To Take On Graham Stuart

Johanna Boal from , has been selected as Labour’s Prospective  Parliamentary Candidate for the Beverley and Holderness constituency for the General Election on 8 June.

Mrs Boal said she wants to restore hope to people’s lives that have been ruined by the ‘cynical and cruel Tories’ that she says have slashed spending locally.

Speaking about standing in the ‘snap election’ that was called by Teresa May she said,

“I’m delighted to have been selected as Labour’s candidate for my home constituency.” 

“ The Tories are devastating our health  and services.   They’ve slashed  local authority spending and the most  vulnerable are suffering most.”  

 “Austerity is a political choice, not a necessity.   I want to give some hope back to those whose lives have been ruined by these cynical and cruel Tories.”

Johanna lives in Molescroft with husband Richard.   She currently works for East Riding Council as a Librarian in the Prison Service and has also enjoyed recent success in the field of poetry.

Mrs. Boal will be looking to win the seat from the incumbent Conservative MP Graham Stuart who has a majority in Beverley & Holderness of over 12,000.  

Labour will need every vote they can get if they are to make any kind of impact on what is widely regarded as a safe seat for the Conservatives.

While labour did make a small gain in terms of the vote share, 3.9pc, finishing second just 25pc of the residents in Beverley and Holderness voted for them.

Despite the challenges faced she remains optimistic adding;

“Labour is the only Party who can beat the Tories in Beverley and Holderness  and in the country.  I hope people will vote for me on June 8th.”

Other parties have also named their candidates for the election. The Green Party have put forward , the Liberal Democrats will be Denis Healy and The have put forward Lee Walton.

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  1. What a breath of fresh air Johanna boal is. Sick of Graham stuarts photo shoots. He never seems to actually do anything but vote in welfare cuts.

  2. From personal experience I can vouch that Graham Stuart works extremely hard for his constituents. Every contact is answered personally,and on many occasions he has interviened when services for my severely disabled brother have failed.
    I have never voted conservative and completely disagree with the welfare cuts, but have total respect for Graham.

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