Under New Management : The Royal Standard

Under New Management : The Royal Standard

Allen Slinger the new man in charge at The Royal Standard, says he is keen on making one of the oldest boozers in the town part of the local life.

Speaking to .net Mr. Slinger said;

“I want everyone to know the Royal Standard is back open so please come and say hello. The pub is under new management. I am very keen in the pub becoming a centre of the local community.”

“In the few weeks I have been at the Royal Standard I have noticed how close Beverley is as a town and I think this is something to behold so urge people to come in and feel at home.”

“If you’re heading out on the town at the weekend or for something to eat in some of the lovely restaurants close to The Royal Standard, then feel free to pop in and see us.”

“We are surrounded by some amazing restaurants like Rolando’s, Panizzi, , Lucia’s Wine Bar & Grill, Farthing’s Steak Emporium, the Rose and Crown that create plenty of choice.”

Open 7 days a week The Royal Standard are proud to serve real ale and cider alongside some new wines, and the re-introduction of is a massive plus as is the free Wifi. Mr Slinger would also confirmed that dogs are welcome insdie the pub until 6pm.”

Mr Slinger has outlined some of his plans for the future, he said;

“Going forward we are looking at introducing a regular quiz night, information of which we will share on our Page and profile.”

“I can also confirm we will be open on Christmas Day from 11am through till 2pm, something I am told is popular with the regulars.”

“This coming week there is the Beverley Lions Bonfire Night on Wednesday 5th November, we will be open and it would be great if people wanted to pop in for a drink and say hello.”

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