East Riding County Choir Seeks New Members


Autumn is rapidly approaching, and the is looking forward to starting its new season – and hopefully, welcoming some new members!

All voices are welcome, but as usual, the is particularly interested in recruiting more MEN! To keep the choir balanced, we need more tenors and basses – but we are also very keen on giving young people (16+) the opportunity to develop their voices and join us (and there are no membership fees for students either!)

The Choir will be performing Handel’s much-loved oratorio Messiah in on Saturday 14 December, and our first rehearsal will be at the Hexagon Music Centre, Coltman Avenue, Beverley on Monday 9 September.

Why not come along for a ‘taster’ session, and if you enjoy the experience – and we are confident that you will! – the choir will give you an audition at the next rehearsal (24 September).

The ‘audition’ is basically just to check that potential new members can sing in tune, can read music, and that their voices will blend in with the choir as a whole – we are not looking for potential soloists!

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For more information, people can visit us at www.eastridingcountychoir.co.uk or can contact the Choir’s secretary on 01482 634427.

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