Lucia Wine Bar & Grill


Lucia Wine Bar & Grill is all about sharing food, drink and conversation in a good environment.

With plenty of room it makes an ideal location for couples, families and large groups who wish to enjoy fine wines, champagne or cocktails in a quality environment.

The food served includes steaks, salads, pastas, skewers and risotto. A key benefit is the outdoor seating which is under cover and heated, bringing a touch of the Continent to the heart of Beverley.

Open Monday to Saturday from 11.00 am till 11.00 pm and on Sundays from 11.00 am till 10.00 pm. Lucia operates a no reservation policy.

Lucia Wine Bar & Grill – 5, Within, Beverley, East Yorkshire, 8AP – 01482 887878

Lucia Wine Bar & Grill – 5, North Bar Within, Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17 8AP – 01482 887878


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  1. We dined at lucia’s in Beverley for the first time last night and were not disappointed! We shall be back at the weekend with my son and his wife!! Thankyou ian&sue.

  2. Whilstb Lucias courtyard is a great place to be with the wall heaters and style the whole experience is let down by the service.Whilst new eating places have their teething problems you need to be ahead of the game and whether this place is busy or quiet to get served is a nightmare. Having been on an evening just to show friends the place it took 20 minutes to get a drink the very next day a Sunday afternoon the place was empty they couldnt even produce wine only in 15 minutes.We left. Not taking anything away from the place it looks and feels great the service has to improve. Apart from that not being able to book a table on Fridays and Saturdays is a complete no no 5 parties came and went whilst we were sat down and appeared quite disappointed these could have been regulars in these tough times. Im sure it will work out and we will keep supporting because it does have a chance to be a forerunner in Beverley

  3. Had a lovely meal here last night. The food was top notch, the staff were amazing, they talked and laughed with us as if we had known them years (keep up the good work Abby & Jo) We will defo be treating ourselves again by joining u at Lucia’s next weekend, shame about the non booking policy as there are 12 of us and we don’t want to go anywhere else so fingers crossed you will be able to fit us in.

  4. Went to Lucia’s on Christmas eve for a meal. There were 4 of us in total. The food was spectacular and service was impeccable. The staff really tendered to our needs (especially the lovely welsh lass). My four year old son took a huge shine to her! We will be back and my son is counting the sleeps! Fantastic restaurant, keep up the good work.

    Susie and co

  5. Fantastic place, the food was great and the staff even better. In a lovely setting, with all the twinkly lights – and best of all you can smoke in peace and comfort. Well done Lucia’s – one of the best.

  6. Vert dissapointed! We were sat outside which was the only part of the night that we enjoyed. Lots of bad points… The staff did not seem to know what they were doing and got our food order wrong on mains and one starter did not arrive. The wrong bottle of wine was taken to our table! Do staff not have training??? Staff seemed young and very stressed and it did not help that the manager man spoke to them like dirt as I passed them to visit the rest room. Also all we could hear from the kitchen window was the chef shouting and screaming and swearing at his cooks like a mad man (please, one Mr.Ramsey is quite enough!!) If he needs to shout like that at his staff there is something seriously wrong!! We could not relax and had a terrible time. It seemed like a completley different place to where we went before christmas and it’s such a shame.

  7. Hi John & Esie. I have read your comments and I would like to say how sorry I am. All I can say we are working hard to make our branch more efficient as we keep sear ing and training more our staff to make our guest more pleasant. It’s a very popular place and of course is very new. Could I ask which was the night you dined with us. I am investigating myself I can assure you We will get better in just a matter if time. Please call and ask is Oscar as I like to hear from you.



  8. We returned to Lucia Wine Bar, Beverley last weekend after having an exceptional night back in December for my sons birthday. Not willing to listen to the rumours that the place had gone ‘down hill’ we could not wait to go back. We were shown to our table inside but would of rathered sat outside and were willing to wait for a table but the manager was a bit pushy in getting us to eat inside rather than wait. Whilst taking our coats off and before we even had time to look at the menu the waitress came and asked us if we would like to order drinks, she could see we were not quite ready so to organise ourselves I asked what wine she reccommended, she did not know anything about the wines on the wine menu, is this not a Wine Bar? she did not even know the name of the house wines they had on offer and had to go and ask at the bar. The food was just as good as last time if not better, with all 6 of us really enjoying our meals. Waitressess seem a little sloppy tho, more interested in their nails/hair than checking we wanted more drinks, desserts etc. We did not recognise any of the efficient/helpfull ladies we spoke to last time we were here it seems they have a whole new team of staff who are incompetent. We are sad to say the rumours are correct but we do realise they are still new and may still have teething problems, we like the food a lot so we will come back but are hoping for a better reception from the manager and waitressess next time.

  9. After arriving back from a six week cruise we couldn’t wait to go to Lucia’s tonight.This will have been the 5th time we have visited. We sat outside again, which we love so we could enjoy a cig while we had a drink before our meal came. The food was just as we remembered it, lovely, but something was not right, there was no friendly atmosphere like before, instead staff seemed stressed and the same manager seemed really stressed out to the point he looked uncomfortable. When we asked for another bottle of champagne the waitress just looked at us silly mumbling something about our table not being in her area??? We did not understand this but then asked the manager who told us he would bring it over right away. We waited 15 minutes and still no Champagne. The staff were nowhere near as friendly and welcoming as they were the last time we were here and it has put us off coming. They didnt ask us if our starters or mains were ok, they just seemed to be real stressed out and running around everywhere not knowing what they were doing. Where were the girls we made such good bonds with last time we came?? Has it changed owners?? it seemed like a completley different place where the staff were far too young and needed training on people skills and customer service. We will avoid the busy period next time we come and hopefully our night will be a bit better.

  10. what a diffrence six months makes this place is really going dwnhill, we were there when it first opened we had nice lunch . this time i felt i was in diffrent place
    none of the girls were same to be honest nothing was the same and all the smokers around you makes this place more off puting

  11. Best place in Beverley without a doubt. It’s that little bit of Europe we left behind in the summer! It’s going to be a real hit in the next few months. Good luck the staff because you are all lovely, respectful and accommodating. Thank you!

  12. We came in for our 1st meal as husband and wife,it was loveley and very romantic. We was served by a young girl called Natalie (altho her bill ticket said Leigh?) she was wonderful and very polite and seemed to be the only person working as the other staff members was stood around. Natalie (Leigh) seemed to be taking all drinks orders,food orders,bills,payments seating coustomers through our time of been there. I was shocked when she told me she’d only just started work there and it was her third shift. I would just like to say i will be back again even if its just to see the polite young girl again.x

  13. I am in love with one waiter you have. Third time ive been and it only seem’s that that one waiter as above seem’s to work (Natalie/Leigh?). We had a tasbler of 8 and we asked for our bread and menu’s to be left on the table so we could supervive and a girl called lindsey came upstairs where we was based and started shouting at Leigh. We was dissopinted at this at lindsey was telling her to take the menu’s and bread off the table. Leigh looked very embarresed by it as there was only one empty table up there. Me nor my friends will be visiting again if that lindsey is still there. She is so rude. Other then that I wish Leigh all the best. Daniel.

  14. Went back last weekend and although the food and the staff were just as good, they have bowed to the ‘1 or 2’ complaints from anti-smokers!!! The whole point of having an outdoor area is so that you can accomodate smokers – so Anti’s – if you don’t like it then sit indoors! You wanted no smokers around you, and we have to sit outside come rain or shine. Bet you won’t be out there in November, December or January!!! Really, really disappointed and there were lots of other smokers complaining – they did eventually put us all in the far end of the garden – but remember, we come and we stay – anti smokers do not and we will spread the word about you catering for us and our habit which keeps the ecomony afloat!!

    The York branch appears to be taking the same attitude due to the fact that the Anti’s were ‘so nasty and rude’!! No surprise there then!

    Stand up Lucia’s and tell them – inside for non-smokers, and outside for smokers – all year round!!!

  15. Just returned from having a fantastic lunch at Luciano’s to celebrate my Birthday, Great environment, friendly service, reasonable prices and good food and drinks. What more can one ask for? We’ll be back!

  16. Just returned from having a fantastic lunch at Lucia’s to celebrate my Birthday, Great environment, friendly service, reasonable prices and good food and drinks. What more can one ask for? We’ll be back!

  17. Visit this restaraunt each Saturday for coffee & we find it to be very nice and the staff are very friendly. I also find the manager to be approachable and friendly.

    June & Jenn

  18. Just enjoyed a lovely meal at Lucia’s – Tuesday lunchtime. The food was great as always and the staff friendly too.

    It is a shame that many people must walk past the venue, without realising that the hidden gem is there. Fine for local people when word of mouth works, but visitors to Beverley shouldn’t miss their chance to enjoy.

    Keep up the good work everyone:)

  19. Having been a regular visiting at least one a month I thought it was about time I reviewed Lucias and said thanks to everyone who makes our visits so great. The staff are so happy and attentive without being pushy. A couple of the girls Lindsey (I think she is the supervisor) and a girl called Heather made our night a few weeks ago with their sence of humour and happy approach to their work. Lindsey also had a good knowledge of the menu and as my friend was a celiac it realy helped make her feel included as she could have many of the dishes. They where very busy and the place was buzzun and so where the staff. The food is good with lots of opportunity to try something different, deep fried halumi is a good one and it served in generous portions and the cocktails are good too. You may wait a little while for a table at the weekend but its worth it for the food and atmousphere. Very good value for money

  20. Fantastric night last Saturday – massive thanks to all including Lindsay and the crew. Mandie and I cgo from Sheffield and after the super meal simply stayed drinking cocktails and making friends – our favourite place by far – Love to all and keep up the great work and see you on Saturday

  21. We love Lucia’s – our favourite restaurant. We’ve been coming all summer and last Saturday night stayed over so we could have a drink – Staff and customers so friendly – is there anywhere else????

  22. Every time we go to Lucias the food is good and the service is fantastic, especially from Ozour!! Martin and Sally

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