The Vagina Monologues

A group of young women that includes the mother of organiser Annie Kirkman are currently rehearsing as they prepare to perform ‘The Vagina Monologues’ in three different locations in later this month.

Based on author Eve Ensler’s “Vagina Interviews” conducted with women from all around the world, this hilariously witty and moving collection of tales gives voice to a chorus of lusty, outrageous, poignant, brave and thoroughly human stories.

“Eve Ensler’s glorious show is warm, open, exciting, enchanting and hilariously funny! See it even if you haven’t got one” Sunday Times

Cast members are Annie Kirkman, Susan Kirkman, Jessica Duffield, Hannah Robson, Hannah Moor, Jamie Blake, Tilly Oakshott

Tickets are £5 each, all proceeds being donated to Hull Women’s Aid and can be booked via email ( ) or by calling 01482 865861 or 07909685505

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Woman Wanted By Police Following Assault In Beverley

Annie Kirkman prepares for the forth coming performances of The Vagina Monologues in Beverley

The Vagina Monologues Annie Kirkman

The Vagina Monologues Annie Kirkman & Friends

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  1. It’s fantastic to see this level of performance being rehearsed in my home town. I am currently directing this for a live performance in Ankara, Turkey. Good Luck to you all, I hope it sells well.

    Simon W

  2. Thanks Simon 🙂 I hope yours is going well. Isn’t such a great play? Most of our rehearsals consist of us crying with laughter followed suddenly by crying with upset. I can’t wait for the reactions of the lovely people of Beverley!

    Annie K

  3. Good Luck for tonight ladies, I hope it all goes well and the good people of Beverley have a great night.

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