Boxing Club Delivered Knock Out Blow By East Riding Council

Boxing Club Delivered Knock Out Blow By East Riding Council
Boxing Club Delivered Knock Out Blow By East Riding Council

Track Fitness and Boxing Club have been told to pack up and vacate their gym on Burden Road.

The club was served the knock blow by East Riding of Yorkshire council who are refusing to renew their lease.

HU17 understands that the local authority wants the club to pack up and leave by December. When they vacate, space will be used to expand the local authorities Adult Learning Centre.

Those affiliated with the club are understandably ‘upset’ with the news while they fear this could be the end for them.

A source at the club said that everyone involved with the club is deeply concerned while adding that finding a new home is now a priority.

Track Fitness and Boxing Club in its early days faced some issues with regard to the venue. It was initially supported by local councillors, the police and crime commissioner and also the MP.

However, problems surfaced early on in its life which resulted in the local authority accepting responsibility for ‘errors’. As a result, a lease was agreed with the club while Beverley Town Council also supported the club.

Boxing Club Future Hanging In Balance

The club has changed hands since opening and continues to develop in the right way. However, the council see things differently serving them with notice to leave.

HU17 also understands that the council has claimed the club has breached the terms of their lease. A lease they say expired in April 2019.

In response to the notice, Track and Fitness Boxing Club has called a public meeting where they provide more detail on predicament they are in.

 News that the club is being forced out will certainly cause much upset within the community. In recent months they have enjoyed much success within the world of boxing.

An online petition has been set up as the club look for support from the community.

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  1. The shock news that the gym coukd be closing has rocked our family.. my 11yr old son has grown in confidence so much since joining the gym in December and has a great relationship with the coaches who invest a lot of time in him helping him develop his boxing skills. He was heartbroken when I told him what was happening as he goes 3 times a week. My older son also attends for additional fitness alongside his football training and has grown in confidence also. He has been inspired to choose boxing as one of his three choices for GCSE p.e. My husband also goes to the gym with him for fitness when he can. This gym is a fantastic facility with athletic friendly coaches and it is affordable for all. This gym means a lot to a lot of people. Children need places like this in Beverley.

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