Tommy Coyle To Launch New Mission To Improve Young Peoples Lives

Tommy Coyle To Launch New Mission To Improve Young Peoples Lives
To Launch New Mission To Improve Young Peoples Lives

A boxer from is will launch embark on his latest mission as he looks to improve the lives of young people in the area.

will officially roll out his Box Cleaver Bus on Thursday 25 April. His goal is to help young people from across the Humberside and East Yorkshire region.

Tommy is certainly well known his tenacity, commenting on the project he said;

“I am proud to be from my local area. The support I have experienced throughout my boxing career has been amazing. As a result, I want to give something back, create a safer and better environment, investing time in the next generation.”

“My vision is driven by my passion and it has always been my ambition to be the best fighter.”

“If not for boxing, and the structure that it gave me to channel negative energy in a positive way, I would probably have chosen the wrong path. I intend on putting back into the community with the bus, to repay the support that I have received.”

Hopes Project Will Help Tackle Issues Experienced By Local Youths

“My mission is to improve aspirations. Also to build resilience mentally and physically, to enable people to be strong to take on life and face challenges.”

“We will use our bus to mobilise this vision, and also the positive activities, through exercise, nutritious food, music, dance, arts and creativity, and youth space, will enable us to drive the mission.”

“You certainly don’t have to be the most talented in order to achieve success. If you’re willing to work hard, make sacrifices and persevere when things don’t go to plan, success is eventually inevitable, so come and join us on the bus to a better life.”

The bus will begin a year-long journey at the estate in .  Ultimately the goal of the project is to help reduce violence and anti-social behaviour through positive activities.

The double-decker bus, which has been purchased as a result of funding from the Home Office. This funding was secured by the Police and Crime Commissioner.

It is kitted out with a gym, youth space and also a smoothie bar. It also has a mobile boxing ring funded by .

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