Police And Crime Commissioner Lends His Support Labour Candidates

Police And Crime Commissioner Lends His Support Labour Candidates
Police And Crime Commissioner Lends His Support Labour Candidates

Police And Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter has been out on patrol with members of the local Labour Party.

Mr Hunter says he joined Labour Party members so he could learn more about the issues residents in Beverley are facing.

Speaking to HU17.net he said;                                       

“I am here to see first hand some of the issues people living in Beverley face.  If elected these are some of the issues the Labour Party hope to put right.”

“Speaking to the some of the storekeepers there are some nuisance issues for them to deal with. They are not necessarily created by bad people, they just have a lot of young people hanging about by the shops.”

“There is very little for young people to do around here so naturally, they congregate around the shops.  This can be intimidating for other people and when you have groups of young people hanging about together they can create a bit of a nuisance.”

“It is those kinds of low-level things people are concerned about. But when you are living with them day to day it is not low level.”

Beverley as a town has always been regarded for having a low tolerance but high expectations when it comes to policing.

The Police And Crime Commissioner says while this may be the case it does not mean issues should not be dealt with.

He added;

“Any changes in the normality of an area should be targeted. It is a really dangerous path to go down if you ignore the erosion of the confidence of the community.”

Police And Crime Commissioner Says Tory Government Has Devastated Policing

Mr Hunter explained the funding crisis he is facing when it comes to local police. He says that over the past decade the government has devastated policing.

Mr Hunter adds he had little choice but to increase to council tax to bridge the gap. The funding gap created but cuts made by a Conservative government. 

He said;

“We get 311K less from the government. If we want new 1,900 officers we have to pay for that. The choices for me were stark, I do not speak to communities who want less policing.”

“If we had not put the council tax up and then we would have been reducing police officers again, nobody wants that.”

“How the government can possibly speak in glowing terms of about their record of law and order when we see what is happening on our streets now is beyond belief.”

“All of the problems we are seeing on our streets have developed as a result of this government. But they try to wash their hands of any responsibility of it, it simply won’t do.”

The Labour Party are still to confirm the candidates they will be standing the elections. While outdoor knocking they say the response to them has been good, with anti-social behaviour being a key issue.

Residents in the East Riding of Yorkshire will go to the polls on the 2 May where they will have their chance to have their say.

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