Post Office Bosses Say Feedback And Petition Are Being Reviewed

Post Office Bosses Say Feedback And Petition Are Being Reviewed
Post Office Bosses Say Feedback And Petition Are Being Reviewed

Feedback from the consultation and the petition in relation to the future of Beverley’s Crown Post Office will be carefully reviewed.

The Post Office has also cleared up the issue surrounding WH Smith advertising for jobs saying this normal practice.

Under proposals put forward by the Post Office, Beverley’s branch is set to be relocated to nearby WH Smith store.

MP Graham Stuart handed in a petition that was signed by over 1,800 people opposing the relocation. He has also worked with other local political parties in an attempt to reverse the decision.

Local union representatives have also been keeping up the pressure. They say a town of Beverley’s size which continues to grow needs a Crown Post Office. They are also very concerned that WH Smith is not a suitable location.

In a statement issued to .net a spokesperson for the Post Office said;

“It is natural that people will have concerns about the proposed changes to Beverley Post Office branch, all of the feedback we have received, including the petition, is currently being carefully considered and will absolutely shape our final decision when it comes to the plans to move the branch.”

“It is true that we are not consulting on principle of franchising a branch, as this is a commercial decision. We believe it is the right one in order to sustain Post Office services in communities for the long term. However, that does not mean that any final decisions have been made.”

“The consultation for the relocation of Beverley Post Office ended on 20 February. We will let the community know once we have reached a final decision.”

Local Cllr David Elvidge ‘Disappointed’ With Post Office Proposal

Post Office Respond To Concerns Over Jobs Being Advertised By WH Smith

Concerns have been raised that a decision has already been reached following new roles at WH Smith appearing on job sites.

In response to this they said;

“This is normal practice, and it is not the case that this pre-empts any final decisions about moving a branch. Once a branch goes into consultation, both Post Office and the potential new operator begin all the detailed planning for the move.”

“This includes getting planning permission, which can take several months, and starting the recruitment process.”

“Planning permission sought for any branch would only be actioned by the potential new operator if the proposal went ahead. Any recruitment is conditional upon the proposal being approved.”

“The reason this detailed planning is done at an early stage, ahead of a final decision, is that we know, should the decision to move the branch be made, it is much better for our staff and the community that the transfer proceeds without any unnecessary delays.”

Local Councillor David Elvidge has said he is disappointed with the Post Office and their plans. Speaking about the proposed move he said many concerns have been raised with him by local residents.

Key issues he says which have been raised are linked to accessibility and also the quality of the staff.

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