Cllr David Elvidge Disappointed With Post Office Decision To Relocate

Cllr David Elvidge Disappointed With Post Office Decision To Relocate
Cllr David Elvidge Disappointed With Decision To Relocate

Local Councillor David Elvidge says he is deeply disappointed with the Post Office over their plans to relocate to WH Smith.

Cllr David Elvidge also says that he feels people are not being offered a full and proper consultation.

Speaking about the proposed relocation, the Councillor for Minster and Woodmansey said;

“I am deeply disappointed that the Post Office has made this decision to transfer the WH Smith without a full and open consultation.”

“Offering a consultation where all we get to talk about with how it is going to work is not a consultation.”

Cllr Elvidge says that he has spoken to many residents about their concerns. Under proposals being put forward by the Post Office, the Crown office on Register Square will shut. Services will then transferred under a franchise agreement to nearby WH Smith.

Commenting on what resident had to say Cllr Elvidge said;

“Concerns raised by residents are mostly to do with the size of the WH Smith shop. The access for disabled people especially. At the moment we still can drive to the front of the Post Office if we have mobility issues, stop there and drop off parcels.”

“We are not going to be able to do that in the middle of the town centre on this thoroughfare. It simply will not happen.”

Cllr Elvidge would like to see more consideration to be shown to residents and customers of the Post Office. He also has his views on what a perfect solution would be, he added;

Cllr David Elvidge Calls For Frank And Open Consultation Process

“The perfect solution would be to reverse the decision and keep it where it is.”

“However if it is going to move then give people a proper consultation. Allow people the chance and opportunity to voice their concerns about the size of the shop.”

“Residents want to know if staff will be properly trained. They also want to know if they will get the same service that we currently get at the Crown Post Office.”

Post Office bosses insist the relocation to WH Smith will help ensure that a Postal Services in the town are sustained for years to come. They are currently looking to close 74 Crown Post Office branches around the UK.

If relocated, WH Smith, the Post Office says opening hours also the number of services offered will be increased.

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