Post Office Director Handed Petition By MP Graham Stuart

Post Office Director Handed Petition By MP Graham Stuart
Post Office Director Handed Petition By MP Graham Stuart

Post Office Director Roger Gale has been handed a petition by MP Graham Stuart.

Mr Stuart presented 1700 petition signatures objecting to the proposed closure of ’s Crown Post Office.

The MP for Beverley and Holderness handed it to Mr Gale, the Post Office Network and Sales Director. His role is to lead the programme of changes and Directly Managed branch network.

Post Office bosses want to relocate the Crown Post Office in Beverley to the nearby WH Smith Store. Under their plans, the relocation will offer enhanced services and also longer opening hours.

Plans to relocate 74 Crown Post Offices also have the support of the government. They say it is up to the Post Office to decide how they run their business. The Post Office has also made it that this is a commercial decision which will not be reversed.

Mr Stuart, however, is against the plans supported by the government. He wants to see the decision reversed, something the Post Office has made clear will not happen.

He also says there has been a solid objection to the plans, however, less than 1pc of the population of Beverley signed the petition.

Mr Stuart said;

“There is a solid objection from many of my constituents in Beverley to the plan to close the main Post Office in Register Square and franchise Post Office services to W H Smith on Toll Gavel.”

“On behalf of my constituent,s I presented over 1700 petition signatures to the Post Office Director in charge of Crown Post Offices.”

Mr Stuarts says are concerned over access. The Post Office has also responded to this making it clear they will rethink the layout of WH Smith Store. Commenting on this Mr Stuart said;

Post Office Director Also Urges residents To Take Part In Post Office Consultation

“The main points my constituents raise with me is about disabled access. How a small shop like Smiths is going to accommodate the number of people who presently use Register Square.”

“When I pushed the Director on these important issues he said he hopes residents will come along to the information drop-in session on Monday 18 February.”

“This is being held between 3.30 and 7pm at the Beverley Minster Parish Hall. I particularly highlighted disability access. Mr Gale assured me the Post Office will speak directly to any disability groups who have concerns. I will be happy to be an intermediary in that event.”

“Mr Gale listened to my constituents’ concerns and took away with him the strong message that my constituents will not brook a deterioration in Post Office services.”

“I urge anyone who has not yet made their views known to the Post Office’s public consultation to do so by visiting and entering the branch code: 011321, or by calling 03452 660115.”

Mrs Maw, aged 83, of Coltman Avenue, Beverley said;

“I feel strongly that we should keep the Post Office where it is, at Register Square. I really do not believe that WH Smith is going to offer me as good a service as the one I get now.”

“If Smiths don’t provide enough counters it would mean I would be left waiting for a long time to get served, which would cause me difficulty.”

“I’m also worried about disabled people and how they’re going to manage in Smiths with its narrow aisles. It’s already cramped in there. It’ll take a lot to convince me that Smiths is a suitable alternative.”

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